Thursday, 22 December 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year

Here are some mini christmas stockings I've been making, perfect for little treats on the tree. I'm well and truly crafted out having made 3 bags, a top, necklaces for Christmas gifts. I'll post pics after Christmas! Still got a chocolate cake and my legendary tomatoe soup to make for the big day. But tonight I'm just going to wrap pressies and drink wine. I'd better do my labels first otherwise my ladies will be getting spiderman boxer shorts and some of my male relatives will be getting vanilla soap!

Above the stockings you'll see a lovely silk holly card made by my Fern. In the new year I will be looking at a name change to 13Jewels, so that folks know I sell jewellery, let me know what you think. And lastly a very big thank you to you all for joining my blog and adding your lovely comments. Have a great Christmas and I wish you all a healthy and wealthy new year.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Support for Sparrowsalvage

Some of you may have heard that sparrowsalvage has been involved in a tragic car crash, resulting in the loss of her mother and injuries to herself. Nothing can prepare us in life when we're hit by such terrible events and particularly at this time of year, when we all want to be with our families. Sparrow has been a long time etsy artist, producing gorgeous and inventive jewellery, but more importantly she has been a selfless champion of up and coming artists, she regular shares her amazing photography tips and has frequently guided us in etsy forums on how to tag and improve our shops.
Fancifuldevices we be raffling one of her beautiful necklaces to raise funds so please visit her blog, donate if you can, and please spread the word via your own blogs, facebook and twitter. Many thanks.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Sexy MEN

That got your attention! Since it's my birthday ( I usually go through that Oh God another year older, what have I done with my life crap ), I thought I would indulge myself with a little eye candy and introduce you to some of my favourite films and TV series.
In no particular order, No.1
Mitchel aka Aidan Turner from Being Human

This was an incredible series, you should be able to find it on the BBC Iplayer, featuring the friendship between a vampire, ghost and werewolf.

No2 Gary Oldman, what's not to like about his performance in Dracula

Angels next and No.3 is Nicholas Cage. Nobody does unhinged and edgy better than Cage, but I personally loved him in City of Angels, his stillness and intensity was a joy.

No. 3 is Paul Brittany's Angel in Legion. Such a cool film about an angel arriving on earth to save us from the apocalypse.

Lastly, only because I need restraining- too many men, too little time lol, The Winchester Bros from supernatural. Can't recommend this series enough, dark and funny in equal measures, a must watch in my house.

I will also be working on a men's range of jewellery, it has been requested, so that's coming your way in the new year. In the mean time wishing you well with your Christmas preparations and I'll leave you with an eclectic gift guide.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Taking a breather

Just taking a breather from the insane sewing fest I've undertaken...I'm currently impersonating Santa's little helper and making bags for christmas, can't do any jewellery for gifts because I've done that 2 years running. On the subject of sewing you might want to take a look at Susiqu's lovely blog,
especially since she's doing a give away. I can't remember if I mentioned I got Fanciful devices ring, a lovely fit and it's already been on an outing to the pub. I think her buyers may be wearing her jewellery to rather more rarified places, I'd love to know.

So coming soon

And finally just because some days I feel I've been pummeled by recession crap, crime stats, we're all going to hell in a hand cart talk, I just need a bit of the very excellent Mrs Doyle of Father Ted and a very excellent cup of tea. P.S if you very ladylike, or a refined chap you might not want to press the play button, it's cool!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Just a little ol' update

Finally finished my Mrs Haversham inspired necklace and as you can see I made a few alterations, namely using a different kind of lace, more ragged and loosing the pearl hoops. It needed a more time worn look and that's why I also lost the shiny beads. That's the great thing about playing around you get to see what does work and what doesn't.

So what did I do with the beaded hoops and lace instead I made these

See nothing goes to waste!
Let me leave you with my latest treasury

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

But it's just a bit of paper..

I love messing around with paper, collaging, stamping, folding and decoupage. I like playing around with texture and colour plus it's the cheapest way to express yourself and to try out new ideas.
Look at these amazing shoes from The Funky Fingers at

Decoupaging is applying paper to a surface and covering with layers of varnish. I use a matt varnish,designed for decoupage because it doesn't cause any ink bleed, especially good if like me you use a lot of images printed from your computer.

These delicate sculptural shoes have been made from paper, on

Have you heard of moneygami, well here's a great example

Next is Brian Dettmer who creates these amazingly detailed sculptures from books

Siba Sahabi creates these gorgeous vases from paper

I've also used decoupage in these 3 necklaces

So get shredding and sticking

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Within Temptation

I went to see this fantastic band last night with my eldest daughter Heather and her mates. Talk about feeling old! For those who aren't familiar with this band they are a rock band with a gothic, classical lean to them and they're lead singer Sharon has an incredible voice.

Check out Frozen and Angels on utube, my favourites which they played last night.

Saturday, 5 November 2011


I'm a visual sponge soaking up ideas from graphic novels, music and nature, to name but a few. And this week this amazing picture of Helena Bonham Carter dressed as Mrs Haversham for a forth coming BBC Drama got my creative cogs turning.

So I got my hands on some lace, glass pearls, Steampunk watch and angel wings. The steampunk watch, wings and scroll I had soldered together over a year ago, but wasn't sure what to do with it. I painted it white and it now all seems to be coming together, so if you've got anything you're not sure about, put it away and come back to it.

I also love all things Japanese and this is an experiment in decoupaging on leather with Japanese images and a white painted steampunk fan, still in progress.

The next piece is inspired by the Goth's cage, a graphic novel by Yasushi Suzuki and uses this fabulous black and white agate which is popping up into a few of my pieces, I love it.

Lastly a shot of colour with a large tumbled boulder of aventurine and lovely pink and blue lampwork beads from beadsandbotanicals on etsy. I used memory wire, which I have to confess is a bit of a beatch to work with but is great for bangles. I put a magnetic clasp with mine to make it super easy to put on.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


I can't believe it's November already and it's at this point that I start to panic. I've got 2 bags to make for xmas gifts, plus some other handmade pieces I've got to get started on. So I'm making loads of jewellery that will give me a small stock that I can gradually list over the next weeks, allow me time to turn to my sewing. Well that's the theory!!!

So coming soon...

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Coming Soon

New jewellery for the winter

These will be in my shop very soon and I'm now offering free shipping.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

New Blog Feature

Just been featured on this lovely blog by the wonderful Kristy, fellow time traveller. A very big thank you for her support, go see,

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Shameless Gloating

I've actually managed to win a blog giveaway. Tis a rare thing for me to win anything. Unless I'm doing food quizzes with bigfacejewellery who is the font of all knowledge when it comes to foodie matters. But I will at least eat crickets, which taste strangely of bacon.
This is the gorgeous ring I won

Fancifuldevices is ridiculously talented and her blog
is amazing, choke of block full with her incredible work and lots of info on techniques.

So do take a look and be quick she's still got one or two freebies going. Also check out her shop

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Blogspot feature and stuff I love

Firstly a very big thank you to the lovely Lisa of abeadaday.blogspot for featuring me and my work, or my work and I if you want to be posh. This is a great blog for checking out jewellery techniques and ideas. On my profile I have a whole list of inspiring blogs and I love exploring these and seeing what other artists are up to. Fancifuldevices, Sparrowsalvage and Bloodandmilk are just a few of my ever increasing list of blog wonderment.

Bags, who doesn't enjoy a perfect bit of arm candy, so feast your eyes on this amazing ones.

These incredible creations were designed by Lisa Farmer

This next artist simply blew me away. The depth and the detail in her work is mindblowing

She is Annita Maslov and an incredible artist

Monday, 26 September 2011

Ecletic Monday, Poppets, Shoes and Cute overload

I am currently experiencing severe shoulder pain and I've had to slow down on my jewellery making. But I need to do something with my hands otherwise I'll go nuts. So I was browsing through my holiday shots and thinking about the witchcraft museum and especially about the extraordinary poppets. They were made out of wax or cloth and either looked like the victim or contained an item such has cloth or hair from the victim.

The poppet above was used during a long dispute between 2 people and the museum stated that it ended badly for both of them.

But poppets were also used for positive reasons, to give protection, attract wealth and love. And this got me thinking I could perhaps make my own positive poppets and more importantly I could sew it by hand, less pain for me. So I used a basic gingerbread man shape, scraps of material and buttons, charms and lace. Very therapeutic and fun. I treat them like a vision board, a visual reminder to stay focused on my goals and the great benefit is they are tactile and the small ones can be popped into a handbag.

Of couse Fern wanted one so I made her the blue one and she tells him all her secrets.

I love mixing textures, trims and colour which is why I love Irregular Choice, they're a British company that make the most amazing shoes.

And finally Cute overload From Nooka