Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My holiday in Cornwall

Love Cornwall such an inspiring place, especially the rugged coastline around Tintagel. Best know For King Arther's Castle, but if you get off the tourist trek and head out of town you'll come to St. Nectan's Glen, which takes you through a beautiful woodland and down to a stunning waterfall. The waterfall cascades down through a perfectly formed natural hole. It's an amazing sight and is surrounded by shrines created by visitors who have left messages to their lost love ones.

Just 2 miles outside Tintagel is Boscastle a quaint harbour village and home to the witchcraft museum. This place is packed full of amazing objects such has poppets, amulets,carvings, paintings and amazing biographies and photos of practicing witches. Folk lore, spells and charms are all there and it's the kind of place that you need a good few hours spare to soak up all the detail.

Lastly is the amazing Eden project where you can experience rainforests and desserts, plus learn about plants, food and all things eco friendly. A great place for kids too, loads of activities, crafts and performance too.

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