Monday, 26 September 2011

Ecletic Monday, Poppets, Shoes and Cute overload

I am currently experiencing severe shoulder pain and I've had to slow down on my jewellery making. But I need to do something with my hands otherwise I'll go nuts. So I was browsing through my holiday shots and thinking about the witchcraft museum and especially about the extraordinary poppets. They were made out of wax or cloth and either looked like the victim or contained an item such has cloth or hair from the victim.

The poppet above was used during a long dispute between 2 people and the museum stated that it ended badly for both of them.

But poppets were also used for positive reasons, to give protection, attract wealth and love. And this got me thinking I could perhaps make my own positive poppets and more importantly I could sew it by hand, less pain for me. So I used a basic gingerbread man shape, scraps of material and buttons, charms and lace. Very therapeutic and fun. I treat them like a vision board, a visual reminder to stay focused on my goals and the great benefit is they are tactile and the small ones can be popped into a handbag.

Of couse Fern wanted one so I made her the blue one and she tells him all her secrets.

I love mixing textures, trims and colour which is why I love Irregular Choice, they're a British company that make the most amazing shoes.

And finally Cute overload From Nooka

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