Monday, 12 September 2011

Flower Arranging Mexican Style

Had a Mexican barbecue last weekend, just managed to get the spicy burgers cooked before a sudden deluge made us scarper indoors. I love flowers and despite having a small garden I do manager to grow some blooms and when I have a party I like to use flowers to theme it.

I used a 1960's vase found in my local charity shop and used ornamental artichokes ( these grow great in my garden and have reached 6 1/2 foot), fuscia and sunflowers, which I did have to buy.

The next arrangement used artichokes, pale pink fuscias, chives and sunflowers.

For a final flourish in my hall I used my lovely pink ta roses with rosemary for an amazing scent when entering my home.

Food included garlic potatoes, homemade chilli, honey, lime and mexican spiced chicken, and pork and apple kebabs - made by my mate Bigfacejewellery.

I always use worcester sauce and smoked paprika in my chilli and marmite, gives a great flavour. The chicken is simply lime juice, honey, paprika, cumin, chilli oil and salt and pepper.

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  1. Thanks for popping by with your kind comment. Love your arrangements & looks like a great party set up