Monday, 5 September 2011


I've spent the whole of my weekend re-photographing to try and make my shop look consistent and to accurately show the colours and materials in my jewellery. Also to reflect a feeling of where I'm coming from when I make these pieces. Ever so slightly schizophrenic! I have my days when I relish a bit of darkness, read my vampire collections and dream of crashing seas.

Then I have my girly moments all lace, sugar almonds, shabby chic - which is never gonna happen in my resolutely 70's home.

And I wake up some mornings and I want to be the Boden catalogue woman. All straight flicky hair, a line print skirts, neat cardy, pumps and lashings of duck egg blue. But my hair was born for a windy moor, flats hurt my feet and I adore duck egg blue but it simply hates me.

So I accept my idiosyncratic ways, general eccentricities, and I will revel in it.
I can however rock the rock chic and military look with aplomb.

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  1. Your photos are really great. Really nicely staged. They have a good 'vibe'. Well done.