Tuesday, 15 November 2011

But it's just a bit of paper..

I love messing around with paper, collaging, stamping, folding and decoupage. I like playing around with texture and colour plus it's the cheapest way to express yourself and to try out new ideas.
Look at these amazing shoes from The Funky Fingers at folksy.com

Decoupaging is applying paper to a surface and covering with layers of varnish. I use a matt varnish,designed for decoupage because it doesn't cause any ink bleed, especially good if like me you use a lot of images printed from your computer.

These delicate sculptural shoes have been made from paper, on design-dautore.com

Have you heard of moneygami, well here's a great example

Next is Brian Dettmer who creates these amazingly detailed sculptures from books

Siba Sahabi creates these gorgeous vases from paper

I've also used decoupage in these 3 necklaces

So get shredding and sticking

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  1. What amazing finds. I love how you've incorporated those bits of images into your jewellery. There's something really haunting about a bit of old face peering out, as in the necklace above, and I just adore the one above too.