Saturday, 5 November 2011


I'm a visual sponge soaking up ideas from graphic novels, music and nature, to name but a few. And this week this amazing picture of Helena Bonham Carter dressed as Mrs Haversham for a forth coming BBC Drama got my creative cogs turning.

So I got my hands on some lace, glass pearls, Steampunk watch and angel wings. The steampunk watch, wings and scroll I had soldered together over a year ago, but wasn't sure what to do with it. I painted it white and it now all seems to be coming together, so if you've got anything you're not sure about, put it away and come back to it.

I also love all things Japanese and this is an experiment in decoupaging on leather with Japanese images and a white painted steampunk fan, still in progress.

The next piece is inspired by the Goth's cage, a graphic novel by Yasushi Suzuki and uses this fabulous black and white agate which is popping up into a few of my pieces, I love it.

Lastly a shot of colour with a large tumbled boulder of aventurine and lovely pink and blue lampwork beads from beadsandbotanicals on etsy. I used memory wire, which I have to confess is a bit of a beatch to work with but is great for bangles. I put a magnetic clasp with mine to make it super easy to put on.

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