Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Just a little ol' update

Finally finished my Mrs Haversham inspired necklace and as you can see I made a few alterations, namely using a different kind of lace, more ragged and loosing the pearl hoops. It needed a more time worn look and that's why I also lost the shiny beads. That's the great thing about playing around you get to see what does work and what doesn't.

So what did I do with the beaded hoops and lace instead I made these

See nothing goes to waste!
Let me leave you with my latest treasury


  1. love it! very pretty, popped over from the Blog thread on Etsy :)x

  2. liking it :D the cream lace looks fantastic

  3. these are so gorgeously romantic!! i'm just in the perfect mood for them ... *sigh* ...

  4. Good decision with that necklace - it looks great with the more muted finish. Do I sense some Fanci D influence?!