Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Sexy MEN

That got your attention! Since it's my birthday ( I usually go through that Oh God another year older, what have I done with my life crap ), I thought I would indulge myself with a little eye candy and introduce you to some of my favourite films and TV series.
In no particular order, No.1
Mitchel aka Aidan Turner from Being Human

This was an incredible series, you should be able to find it on the BBC Iplayer, featuring the friendship between a vampire, ghost and werewolf.

No2 Gary Oldman, what's not to like about his performance in Dracula

Angels next and No.3 is Nicholas Cage. Nobody does unhinged and edgy better than Cage, but I personally loved him in City of Angels, his stillness and intensity was a joy.

No. 3 is Paul Brittany's Angel in Legion. Such a cool film about an angel arriving on earth to save us from the apocalypse.

Lastly, only because I need restraining- too many men, too little time lol, The Winchester Bros from supernatural. Can't recommend this series enough, dark and funny in equal measures, a must watch in my house.

I will also be working on a men's range of jewellery, it has been requested, so that's coming your way in the new year. In the mean time wishing you well with your Christmas preparations and I'll leave you with an eclectic gift guide.


  1. EEEEEEE DEAN!!!!! cant say im all for gary oldman though, i think harry potter just ruined it for me, that or batman :/

  2. Thank you again for inclusion in your gorgeous treasury. I'm right with you on all that man candy - and I just lurve me a bit of Gary O!!