Friday, 2 December 2011

Taking a breather

Just taking a breather from the insane sewing fest I've undertaken...I'm currently impersonating Santa's little helper and making bags for christmas, can't do any jewellery for gifts because I've done that 2 years running. On the subject of sewing you might want to take a look at Susiqu's lovely blog,
especially since she's doing a give away. I can't remember if I mentioned I got Fanciful devices ring, a lovely fit and it's already been on an outing to the pub. I think her buyers may be wearing her jewellery to rather more rarified places, I'd love to know.

So coming soon

And finally just because some days I feel I've been pummeled by recession crap, crime stats, we're all going to hell in a hand cart talk, I just need a bit of the very excellent Mrs Doyle of Father Ted and a very excellent cup of tea. P.S if you very ladylike, or a refined chap you might not want to press the play button, it's cool!


  1. Oh, you lucky cat!! A Fanci D ring - Jealous, me????? Bloody right I am!!!Is it gorgeously yumtious???
    Your new pieces are all rather lovely too, so good luck with those.
    Sewing, eh? Fair play to you - it's going to have to be jewellery for my peeps. On that subject, I've just had my mind blown by three pieces of wonderful over on vLaDtHeBaT's aTTiC (I think they're the pieces she was referring to on Fanci's blog). Just beautiful.
    Well, thank you, Marcia, for that most excellent taste of Mrs Doyle to round off my days blogging and gawping! Just right for a Sunday evening!!!
    Petra x

  2. Cheers Petra will check out LaDttleBaT's.