Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Blog Stuff,Personal Stuff and Jewellery Stuff

I've been given a Versatile Blogger Award so a hearty thanks to Quisnam and Petra for this. However the truth of the matter is that I'm royally thick at doing blogging, I haven't been able to work out how to stick the versatile blogger button on my site and despite several attempts this morning I still can't work out how to do clickable links in my blog text. So I think I'm supposed to put up 15 clickable links to blogs I like...Fail. But I did manage to put up a blog roll ta dah! And it's all clickable, plus you can look at my whose following and click there to see a wonderful array of blogs and also my profile which shows everybody I'm snooping on. That gets round the problem of the blogs that defied me and wouldn't load into my blog list! Now for the bit I can do, 7 things you didn't know about me (or 7 things you'd wish you'd never knew) 1. I once worked in a maximum security prison 2. I have a Royal Horticultural Medal, bronze for a glass and steel garden I designed 3. When I was a kid I used to show budgerigars and got awards for that! 4. I hate post it notes, especially the neon pink ones and people who write in angry block capital letters on them! 5. I hate jelly, it's a texture I can't be doing with. 6. I love pickled onions more than chocolate 7. I've been best mates with my best mate for 35 years! And now a quick round up, much love to my daughter Heather who turned 21 this weekend and we had cakes, sparklers, handmade cards and booze!
All growed up..love the glasses, some of us have to wear them with the lenses in!
And final some new stuff
Now off to find the idiots guide to blogging. P.S I'm now on Pinterest you can pop over and see me here http://pinterest.com/13jewels/ Don't be shocked by the the goofy photo, it was taken 2 years ago in Devon, not far from Petra, she lives in a place that makes you smile. On my boards you will see loads of cool jewellery, art and places to visit..enjoy. I'd put a button up , but you know me and buttons!

Friday, 17 February 2012

New Tings!

I've got my oldest daughter's 21st coming up next week, so I've been busy crafting to get some new things made so I have time to bake a cake, make a card and do some secret etching. First up some aqua terra rondells, love the colour of these, with textile and no name yet!
Then a blast of pink with these tibetan drops
More Oriental flavour with textiles and charms
Vintage mismatched buttons
More buttons with tiny bits of bamboo and salvaged lace
Tiny crosses, a salvaged ring and rhinestone earring go into these asymetric dangles
Brass art deco style rings and vintage crosses
Finally a return to the Gothic and Steampunk for me, handmade lightbulb charm, rhinestone pendant and lashings of salvaged faceted black glass beads.
I will be doing a Mad March give away, I hadn't forgotten and inbetween my mum duties I will be working with a a dodo and a pre-historic fish, thanks to the lovely Petra, plus peeking at all your lovely blogs.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Love and Death

I get days like this
Valentine's Day is approaching and since I have no bloke in my life, I'm not celebrating, to be honest I never bothered when there was someone in my life. But my little Fern had other ideas, just because I had no man it didn't mean we shouldn't celebrate, we could celebrate all our family and friends that we love, even the one's in heaven. Which in a way is really what Valentine's should be about. She's wise beyond her years. So with a warm fuzzy feeling I made these for her.
These were inspired by susiqu'sthreadworks.blogspot.com, she also has an amazing etsy shop.
Also another source of inspiration is Alteredalchemy , check out her incredible blog and etsy shop
I love how she creates these incredible journals and jewellery too. The Victorians were very big on love tokens and here's an incredible ring from that period, the design is so fresh you'd never believe it was this old.
For a modern take look no further than Tribalis with her stunning ring
Which brings me to the death stuff and in particular Whitby jet which I obsess about, I love it, gothic grandeur at it's finest.
This is a classic piece of memento mori jewellery, love the black and gold colour
And finally the surreal and breath taking work of Jessica Joslin, who combines animal skulls and bones with mechanical parts to create sculptures that are part side show freakery and skilled artisan work of the highest order.
Happy Valentine's Day and celebrate all who love you in your life.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

An OMG Moment

I noticed Fancifuldevices had posted about Barbies, I can go one better, here's my daughter, Fern's doll shopping centre that she made. I do get annoyed with her special needs support team who keep saying that autistic children aren't capable of creative play...I beg to differ.

I've made some new stuff - ceramic cross bracelet and a hand sewn, hand printed necklace with tourmaline rondells

Then lots of earrings, the first has pink seed bead balls and animal charms and the next are these hand made ceramic beads and disco ball brass beads, plus lashings of chain.

It was all going well untill

I made this

I thought I was on to something..bit of decoupage, sea urchin spike, skull, then I added shells...could I have made it anymore fuglier. No wait..see it in a room

Oh well back to the drawing board, thankfully Petra's cooking up some more tikkis, I'll snag them and ditch the shells.