Sunday, 12 February 2012

Love and Death

I get days like this
Valentine's Day is approaching and since I have no bloke in my life, I'm not celebrating, to be honest I never bothered when there was someone in my life. But my little Fern had other ideas, just because I had no man it didn't mean we shouldn't celebrate, we could celebrate all our family and friends that we love, even the one's in heaven. Which in a way is really what Valentine's should be about. She's wise beyond her years. So with a warm fuzzy feeling I made these for her.
These were inspired by susiqu', she also has an amazing etsy shop.
Also another source of inspiration is Alteredalchemy , check out her incredible blog and etsy shop
I love how she creates these incredible journals and jewellery too. The Victorians were very big on love tokens and here's an incredible ring from that period, the design is so fresh you'd never believe it was this old.
For a modern take look no further than Tribalis with her stunning ring
Which brings me to the death stuff and in particular Whitby jet which I obsess about, I love it, gothic grandeur at it's finest.
This is a classic piece of memento mori jewellery, love the black and gold colour
And finally the surreal and breath taking work of Jessica Joslin, who combines animal skulls and bones with mechanical parts to create sculptures that are part side show freakery and skilled artisan work of the highest order.
Happy Valentine's Day and celebrate all who love you in your life.


  1. Happy Valentine’s Day sweet angel and to your beautiful children and lovely cats. Give yourself a gift...Love your work and I’m a big fan of Whitby jet as well...I have one piece of fabulous beads...impossible to find now and so expensive. Thoughts and hugs to you from California.

  2. Dear friend,
    Thanks for your presence in my blog and for the gentleness to refer my ring here in your beautiful blog!
    Love and peace!

  3. Awwwww, I hope you, the girls and moggers had a lovely evening together. Fern is indeed, a wise soul with a beautiful heart. Thank you for sharing those pieces. The jet memento mori are stunning, and that journal is just acheingly beautiful. I must go and look at her shop.
    Loved that card too!!!

  4. This post is sooo cute!!! I love these object!!!

  5. Thanks for featuring my ring here!
    On that time I tried to leave you a comment but for some reason could I am trying again.....
    love to you!