Friday, 17 February 2012

New Tings!

I've got my oldest daughter's 21st coming up next week, so I've been busy crafting to get some new things made so I have time to bake a cake, make a card and do some secret etching. First up some aqua terra rondells, love the colour of these, with textile and no name yet!
Then a blast of pink with these tibetan drops
More Oriental flavour with textiles and charms
Vintage mismatched buttons
More buttons with tiny bits of bamboo and salvaged lace
Tiny crosses, a salvaged ring and rhinestone earring go into these asymetric dangles
Brass art deco style rings and vintage crosses
Finally a return to the Gothic and Steampunk for me, handmade lightbulb charm, rhinestone pendant and lashings of salvaged faceted black glass beads.
I will be doing a Mad March give away, I hadn't forgotten and inbetween my mum duties I will be working with a a dodo and a pre-historic fish, thanks to the lovely Petra, plus peeking at all your lovely blogs.


  1. I' love the fiber stuff, what fun!
    xoxo Kim

  2. What fantastic new tings!!!! Every one a winner! So lovely to see those luscious colours popping! Just what you need in dreary February. Hope you have fun with the dodo and fish - I'm VERY slowly working on new stuff - bottles and rattly beads, which are giving me many ranty and crotchety moments!!!

  3. Oh my look at all these pretty things, I love the sunset orange and pink hues you are incorporating in your work. Just beautiful!

  4. bright pretty and cheerful...busy in the studio...good on ya.

  5. Love love love the black bracelet- what a beauty! And the delicious colors are wonderful. Feels like a warm sunset at the beach. :)

  6. Hi there, Kate from Quisnam here. Just to let you know I’ve nominated you for an Awesome Blogger Award. Check out for more info. And, as I said in my blog, if you have the time and the inclination to follow the criteria for the Awesome Blogger Award that’s super but please don’t feel obliged and don’t feel in the least bit guilty if you don't wish to.
    On another note - I love the way you balance different textures and colours in your work - beautiful.

  7. You seem to harmonize colours so effortlessly, beautiful work!

  8. Ha, looks like Quisnam beat me to it, but i've nominated you as well, so you probably already know what to do about it - or not!!

  9. Gawd!!! i LOVE your use of colors!! awesomely vibrantly beautiful my fren :)i need to learn how to use colors ...

    p/s ... i saw the program you mentioned on YouTube :) HITT ... i'll probably try that when i get a little fitter :) Love that guy ... ;)