Thursday, 2 February 2012

An OMG Moment

I noticed Fancifuldevices had posted about Barbies, I can go one better, here's my daughter, Fern's doll shopping centre that she made. I do get annoyed with her special needs support team who keep saying that autistic children aren't capable of creative play...I beg to differ.

I've made some new stuff - ceramic cross bracelet and a hand sewn, hand printed necklace with tourmaline rondells

Then lots of earrings, the first has pink seed bead balls and animal charms and the next are these hand made ceramic beads and disco ball brass beads, plus lashings of chain.

It was all going well untill

I made this

I thought I was on to something..bit of decoupage, sea urchin spike, skull, then I added shells...could I have made it anymore fuglier. No wait..see it in a room

Oh well back to the drawing board, thankfully Petra's cooking up some more tikkis, I'll snag them and ditch the shells.


  1. Wish my shopping centre looked like that! So bright, colourful and logically organised.
    A wise doctor once said to me - 'I always listen to mothers they are invariably right when it comes to their children' Bah to the so-called experts
    Love the golden dangles

  2. OH DI-TTO Vintajia!! I used to work in that arena, and heard the most tremendous load of old cobblers from 'experts'. Fern's shopping centre is just too wonderful for words!!
    Perhaps I better keep that big old Tiki chap especially for you!!

  3. LOVE all the new things, by the way.Yeeeeah, shells, eh - you can just never tell how it'll go with them.
    Looook at that splendid mogger!!Beeeeayutiful!!!!!!

  4. love the sewn necklace ... it's beautiful :-)

    and I so hear you on the topic of autistic children and creative play ... my son is ASD/ADHD but adores playmobil - plenty of creative play going on once the pirates come out. Arrrrr!

  5. I love the way your kitty is soo enthralled with your creation there. Unfortunately, my three "snotweilers" could care less about what I make....

  6. love your kitties!! i have 6... two of them love to sneak in my workspace and knock tiny bowls of beads everywhere... they have hiding places behind my desk and under it where they play and sleep.