Saturday, 10 March 2012

Colour..Lots of

Woo Hoo just found the formatting button!
I'm a colour nut, love it in my jewellery, yet strangely I wear mainly sluggy browns, grey and loads of black. In Anvilartifacts blog she was talking about her love of aqua and I'm a big fan of aqua, jade, duck egg, teal colours. When I posted on her blog the security check words came up with lesbo speake, that had me chortling for 20 mins! I digress here's a great example of this colour group.
This amazing painting is by
 Karol Bąk

  and here's another with a great combo of red and yellow.

Bright enough for you, like some more.

                This photo is by Eric Lafforgue , truly beautiful and I'm totally in love with the jewellery.
                                                                                How glorious are these Kenyans, the textiles are breathtaking and look at the layers of beads, makes you feel joyful.
I've got some new pieces, but I will need to re-do my photos, due to the low light. The first one, is in blues and green, suprised you there, and features Petra's jewelidentity, bead caps and ceramic fish.
                                                                                 This next one is a choker and is done in pastel pinky,peach shades with cream and gold.
                                                                                 Next these whirligig earrings with tiny african pink glass beads and these amazing cream steampunky beads
                                                                                 Lastly a work in progress featuring Petra's Trebolite, can't spell it - flat fish ceramic pendant!


  1. The whirlygigs rock! Great color all over this blog I must say and your photo's they be poppin'. I love what I'm seeing. formatting button is that how you got the alt font there?
    xoxo Kim

    PS it's trilobite

  2. the choker is fantastic - i had just mentioned in one of my posts my craving for the raw, unearthed characteristics that pale creams and whites seem to hold. beautiful work!

  3. I can't wait to see all of these things listed in your shop. Everything here is gorgeous, those whirligig earrings are fantastic!

  4. They are delicious! Love the carved flowers pieces and the beaded earrings too! ..

  5. You've got me laughing at the security words too! Great work! Love love love your new pieces.

  6. security words: hehe :D

    I thought those fish pieces looked like Petra's doing. You've given them magical new homes. bravo. Love the earthy quality all 'round.

  7. I had to laugh at the security words! Those colorful photos are just gorgeous and inspiring! I tend to wear browns, blacks, and blues--nothing with much color. I need to step outside my comfort zone. Even the jewelry I make shows the same colors.

    Your creations are just amazing! I love that trilobite--I've got a thing for fossils and arrowheads.

  8. Well, hoo-bleeding-ray, I can see pictures - lots of pretty pictures!!!About the only blog my stupid computer is allowing me to these days.
    What amazing things you've done with my beads!!!It gives me such a thrill. I love them - and all the others of course. OH yum - glorious colours!!!