Friday, 27 April 2012

Red Rain

It's the title of a great Peter Gabriel track and it's a case of music, weather and colour all working on me. I always have music on when I'm making stuff. So Pete's on the radio, it's raining so hard my guttering looks like it's spewing and I've got a bunch of red beads.......

I so need to be somewhere hot, I'm very jealous of those of you who are moving, relocating, holidaying or general global exploring. I've thought about camping, but not too hard since there's every likely hood I'll get trench foot and hypothermia if I try it. The latest craze here in the Uk is Glamping.



But the toilet is still outside and so is the bath. No amount of china tea cups, lacy cushions and snuggly throws will get round the fact that you will have to tramp across a dung filled field everytime you want to pee. So sorry to destroy the romance but I'm a realist. 
More earrings

Strange as it sounds I also hate hotels, being restricted to one room makes me ill tempered, I need space and set meal times aggrevates my inner rebel. And it has to be said that a cruise ship would be my idea of holiday hell. 
A Winnebago

Now we're talking!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Fly By Posting

Just a quick update.
Work in progress, just a little bit of sealing to do with this. Sari silk, cotton lace, wire wrapping with seed beads and handmade head pins by moi.

More sari silk with brass choker from This was lovely and shiny to start with but I played around with light etching to detail the surface, then some liver of sulphur applied with an old paint brush. Check AnvilArtifacts blog on the blog roll for lots of patina recipes. Also Fancifuldevices has a neat tutorial on oxidising.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Rings and Reading

Been experimenting with rings, I've done a lot of vintage cezch glass rings using wire wrapping, so I thought I'd play around with stacking and using textiles. I've got a load of sari silk ribbon which I'm totally bonkers about and in these rings I've folded the ribbon and added agate beads and other gemstones for detail.
I love the bright colours at the moment and sari ribbon is an amazing textile to work with. 

Earring using Sari ribbon

Looking through all my blogs I've got listed on my profile I saw Kathy's Blog
Very inspiring and her latest post includes her list of inspirational books. So I thought I'd share some of mine. Firstly is this hefty book full of the most amazing Chinese designs, almost all are in fab colour. You'll probably hit me but this is one of my charity store finds and cost an obscene £3.00.

I also use my local library a lot and I am passionate about fighting to keep public libraries in the Uk open and free. Here in Redditch ours is especially good. All the latest fiction and craft and art books galore. And this week I found these 2 gems

Just working my way through these 2, should keep me inspired for quiet sometime. Look at this achingly cool pic of Patti Smith

And this tattooed English lady from the 1930's

Lastly on my bedside table is a copy of the late and brilliant Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales.
 This is a collection of original   folk tales and stories from around the world that inspired her own writing.
So let me know what has inspired you and use your local library - there's not many things in this world that are free.                                                                      



Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Giveaway winners

Giveaway winners and the poor sod who ended up with the bag of crap!
My mixing bowl has spoken, helped by Fern's hand and here we are

1. The uk earrings go to...Plumrose Lane
2. The gypsy dangles go to...Alice
3. The regal pigeons go to... Anvil

Finally getting this bag of crap
is Vintajia
So ladies please convo me on etsy with your addresses so I can send your prizes/crap to you.xx
Many thanks to everyone who took the time to read my blog and to make lovely comments, it is very much appreciated..

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Giveaway now closed

I'll take everyone's names from the comments in the previous giveaway posts, drop you all in my mixing bowl and post winners on Tuesday xx

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Last Chance

Last chance for my giveaway, you have until 9.00pm Sunday uk time to comment on my blog and have a shot of winning one of 3 pairs of earrings and...a bag of crap! 
In the meantime happy Easter, Passover celebrations or just have a cracking weekend.
Bangles anyone.




I'm going to be making some rings this week, I haven't done any for ages, plus a little bit of etching is on my to do list. Also check out my pinterest (must change that goofey photo), to see some amazing and inspirational creations     enjoy.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Bag of Crap,Hell Yeah

A big thank you to the wonderous Fancifuldevices for showing my bangle sprogs and she has a new tute out covering oxidising and bezels...So you'll all be needing that bag of crap, get commenting, useful tips,advice for muggins here. For those who don't want the crap there are earrings up for grabs- see previous post for pics and there are no terms and conditions! Also thanks to Plumrose Lane for telling me about, she's so clued up.

Yet more BANGLES- I have spawned some more sprogs

I'm really chuffed with the photo too. I use Picasa for photo editing, it's very user friendly and trust me if I can use it, then even your furry friends could do your photos for you. Best of all it's just been updated with these cool one step effects.

That's the movie setting! I'd still keep my etsy photos without effects, to allow customers to see the jewellery in natural light, but for blogs and pinterest these settings would be fantastic.
Here's a new chocker

How cute is Petra's Dodo, from JewelIdentity.
And this one has a very 80's colour feel to it.

I was just 13 when punk came on the scene and I posed my arse off as a new romantic, then I got into the Goth scene and it's never really left me! Let me salute my muses.

Kate Bush

Adam Ant - check that look!

Siouxie and the Banshees
Feel free to let me know about your muses.