Monday, 2 April 2012

Bag of Crap,Hell Yeah

A big thank you to the wonderous Fancifuldevices for showing my bangle sprogs and she has a new tute out covering oxidising and bezels...So you'll all be needing that bag of crap, get commenting, useful tips,advice for muggins here. For those who don't want the crap there are earrings up for grabs- see previous post for pics and there are no terms and conditions! Also thanks to Plumrose Lane for telling me about, she's so clued up.

Yet more BANGLES- I have spawned some more sprogs

I'm really chuffed with the photo too. I use Picasa for photo editing, it's very user friendly and trust me if I can use it, then even your furry friends could do your photos for you. Best of all it's just been updated with these cool one step effects.

That's the movie setting! I'd still keep my etsy photos without effects, to allow customers to see the jewellery in natural light, but for blogs and pinterest these settings would be fantastic.
Here's a new chocker

How cute is Petra's Dodo, from JewelIdentity.
And this one has a very 80's colour feel to it.

I was just 13 when punk came on the scene and I posed my arse off as a new romantic, then I got into the Goth scene and it's never really left me! Let me salute my muses.

Kate Bush

Adam Ant - check that look!

Siouxie and the Banshees
Feel free to let me know about your muses.

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  1. ooo--there is thunder in our hearts--uh yay yay yo...