Saturday, 7 April 2012

Last Chance

Last chance for my giveaway, you have until 9.00pm Sunday uk time to comment on my blog and have a shot of winning one of 3 pairs of earrings and...a bag of crap! 
In the meantime happy Easter, Passover celebrations or just have a cracking weekend.
Bangles anyone.




I'm going to be making some rings this week, I haven't done any for ages, plus a little bit of etching is on my to do list. Also check out my pinterest (must change that goofey photo), to see some amazing and inspirational creations     enjoy.


  1. Lovely Bangles! A fellow time traveler.

  2. Love the bangles! Happy Easter to you.

  3. It's great to find your Pinterest page, Looks like we pretty much adore the same jewelry, I want to repin it all, although my ipad is working too slow right now so it's making me show some restraint. You can bet I'll be back for more!
    I liked seeing the picture of you, nice to put a face to a number. Looks like you've been having fun in the bangle department. Enjoy your weekend with your daughters.
    xoxo Kim

  4. Hope the Easter Bilby brings lotsa chocky eggs and the ankle-biters let you get some

  5. Lovin' your bangles, also I still sing along to Kate Bush (when the kids are out of course) - Kate xoxo

  6. Dammm too late to be put in the mixing bowl whaaaA

  7. woah!! Bangles porn!!! super pretty when stacked together in a bunch like this!! i wanted to make bangle stacks for a long time now, but just cant seem to get "into" it ... hmmm ...