Friday, 27 April 2012

Red Rain

It's the title of a great Peter Gabriel track and it's a case of music, weather and colour all working on me. I always have music on when I'm making stuff. So Pete's on the radio, it's raining so hard my guttering looks like it's spewing and I've got a bunch of red beads.......

I so need to be somewhere hot, I'm very jealous of those of you who are moving, relocating, holidaying or general global exploring. I've thought about camping, but not too hard since there's every likely hood I'll get trench foot and hypothermia if I try it. The latest craze here in the Uk is Glamping.



But the toilet is still outside and so is the bath. No amount of china tea cups, lacy cushions and snuggly throws will get round the fact that you will have to tramp across a dung filled field everytime you want to pee. So sorry to destroy the romance but I'm a realist. 
More earrings

Strange as it sounds I also hate hotels, being restricted to one room makes me ill tempered, I need space and set meal times aggrevates my inner rebel. And it has to be said that a cruise ship would be my idea of holiday hell. 
A Winnebago

Now we're talking!


  1. Gorgeous jewelry!

    Glamping is popular here too, though maybe just in our dreams and magazines. The only camping I want to do is in a hotel where someone makes the bed and picks up every day. I want someone to cook my food and clean up after me. I want my bathroom to be inside and with fresh towels and tiny shampoo bottles. So now I'm really wishing for a vacation....

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I love your postings ~ they're real and from the heart... perfect! Your darling earrings arrived this week and really boosted my spirits, thanks so much for that!

  3. I'm with you on the camping (even glamping), I spent a lot of holidays under canvas with the family at the Lake District in the pouring rain. Mind you, I do like hotel rooms - would love to escape somewhere warm (with room service of course).