Monday, 16 April 2012

Rings and Reading

Been experimenting with rings, I've done a lot of vintage cezch glass rings using wire wrapping, so I thought I'd play around with stacking and using textiles. I've got a load of sari silk ribbon which I'm totally bonkers about and in these rings I've folded the ribbon and added agate beads and other gemstones for detail.
I love the bright colours at the moment and sari ribbon is an amazing textile to work with. 

Earring using Sari ribbon

Looking through all my blogs I've got listed on my profile I saw Kathy's Blog
Very inspiring and her latest post includes her list of inspirational books. So I thought I'd share some of mine. Firstly is this hefty book full of the most amazing Chinese designs, almost all are in fab colour. You'll probably hit me but this is one of my charity store finds and cost an obscene £3.00.

I also use my local library a lot and I am passionate about fighting to keep public libraries in the Uk open and free. Here in Redditch ours is especially good. All the latest fiction and craft and art books galore. And this week I found these 2 gems

Just working my way through these 2, should keep me inspired for quiet sometime. Look at this achingly cool pic of Patti Smith

And this tattooed English lady from the 1930's

Lastly on my bedside table is a copy of the late and brilliant Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales.
 This is a collection of original   folk tales and stories from around the world that inspired her own writing.
So let me know what has inspired you and use your local library - there's not many things in this world that are free.                                                                      




  1. hmm, my uncle used to have a collection of books of folk tales from around the world and the volumes were regional - they were the few books he had in english on his shelves, so i read them all a very long time ago it seems now. i like that tattooed back drawing
    i wish i had a local library
    books inspire
    stories words and stones
    the rings look bright and fun

  2. I agree with alek, the new work looks very fun. I need to get more textiles to use in my designs.

    Thanks for your visit & kind comment.

  3. I love the rings!!!


  4. Love the infusion of bright springtime colors in your latest work. Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing those great books and photos! Inspiring.