Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Politics of Women

Been thinking about my mum a lot, more so in terms of loss. And I realise I need to stop…She is on a journey of change that is hard for her and hard for me, but still a journey that we will be on together. Our roles have changed and will continue to change, it’s part of the journey.

 My mum married very young, just 17 and by 19 she had my brother and me. She would constantly berate me and later, her eldest grandchild, about marrying too young and not too get pregnant. But she taught me a lot more than that and reading an etsy article about being a feminist and getting married, made me think about how we define ourselves politically.

The article missed the point about being a feminist and being married, concentrating on issues of name changing and is wanting a big dress a betrayal of feminism. My mum didn’t define herself as a feminist, she worked all her life, making needles and later as a nursing assistant; working at night so my dad could look after us, they spent a large part of their marriage passing like ships in the night. But I got to see a marriage where money was shared, resources pulled together, chores shared, including child care. Of course they argued, but they stayed together. They both taught me the value of education, thinking for yourself, speaking out and standing up for yourself. My dad used to teach me maths and encouraged me to read. My mother could barely read or write, she used to get me to write out cheques and any letters she needed. She still doggedly kept learning to read and went to college when she was 50. And when she learnt to read, she rattled through Jane Austen, Dickens and Hardy like an Oxford Don. Now that’s real feminism, never being held back, never giving up and never being defined by your gender, age or physical and mental capacities. Showing by example how to overcome barriers and mum and me are going to keep doing this.
A big thank you to all of you for reaching out and sharing your thoughts , advice and your experiences, it’s been so comforting.

Does loving cute stuff and twinkley  beads undo our feminist credentials? I think not, I bought these
And they reduced my mate to and incoherent, dribbling wreck in 0.03 seconds.

But we both know that twinkles have there place and it’s not on vampires, ever!

P.S More stuff


Friday, 25 May 2012

And life goes on..

I've been a little bit quiet .. For over 12 months I've been dragging my mum off to the doctor's and hospital for endless tests and examinations. It's now been confirmed she has dementia and I'm still trying to get my head around it. It's strange dealing with a ground hog day world and then trying to work in Fern's world. I've kinda of got so detached I hadn't noticed my periods had upped and oft since before Christmas. I found out the palpitations and dizziness weren't stress but the on set of an early menopause. 
I also know I'm not alone,  Shelly is also facing the same issues which she shares on her blog  and reading hers and other blogs at least stops me thinking why does it happen to me.

So I'll dust myself off and carry on. Been great to see what everyone else is doing, Greer from has been building a new house, Janet from
has been creating a new studio and Janet from has been showing us around her amazing home. Fancy is back and it looks like she has cleared Uraguay's GND

Me..well I've got some supply  porn, so lovely and Lucie very kindly included extra goodies, ta xx.
These spoons and thimbles I found in my local charity shop

And here's a few completed items
See Petra's from jewelIdentity, little tikis and beads.

Little Oriental earrings

And lastly here's my lovely eldest mini me modelling for me

And in case you're interested here's me

 Not so cute!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tunes and Tings

My daughter Heather has been posting some 80's horrors of so called music on facebook. I feel the need to correct this. Here is a song that haunts my soul, the very wonderful Echo and the Bunnymen

And for futher re-education purposes a song that makes me want to bounce of walls in a good way, the inventive and in your face Killing Joke

My hands are finally healing ( I've been suffering with psoriasis for over 6 months,) so I will soon be attacking tin with shears and hammers. I had trouble using just scissors because my hands have been so sore, so it will be great to do some metal working. I've done some etching pieces that I need to finish off with holes, so I can get these done now.
 Altered Alchemy has done a great, no solder housing on her blog, her blog is on the blog roll, still can't work out the links ...ggrrrr..

Also Fancifuldevices has a tutorial on no solder bezels, loads of tips in it.

Love this from AnvilArtifacts - you know the drill, check blog roll.

Great detailing and patina
So I'm going to have a go at patina effects and no solder bezels, and I will still get my torch out, I love a bit of fire. In the mean time I've got these to list up - a touch of tribal meets carnival gypsy!

Choker with ceramic and lucite beads

Dangle earrings with sari scraps

Indian metal and glass lampwork

Religious medals and ceramic beads.

Off to literally hammer some beats..