Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tunes and Tings

My daughter Heather has been posting some 80's horrors of so called music on facebook. I feel the need to correct this. Here is a song that haunts my soul, the very wonderful Echo and the Bunnymen

And for futher re-education purposes a song that makes me want to bounce of walls in a good way, the inventive and in your face Killing Joke

My hands are finally healing ( I've been suffering with psoriasis for over 6 months,) so I will soon be attacking tin with shears and hammers. I had trouble using just scissors because my hands have been so sore, so it will be great to do some metal working. I've done some etching pieces that I need to finish off with holes, so I can get these done now.
 Altered Alchemy has done a great, no solder housing on her blog, her blog is on the blog roll, still can't work out the links ...ggrrrr..

Also Fancifuldevices has a tutorial on no solder bezels, loads of tips in it.

Love this from AnvilArtifacts - you know the drill, check blog roll.

Great detailing and patina
So I'm going to have a go at patina effects and no solder bezels, and I will still get my torch out, I love a bit of fire. In the mean time I've got these to list up - a touch of tribal meets carnival gypsy!

Choker with ceramic and lucite beads

Dangle earrings with sari scraps

Indian metal and glass lampwork

Religious medals and ceramic beads.

Off to literally hammer some beats..


  1. Like the earrings with the sari strips! Going to go and have a look at no soldier bezels now.

  2. So glad that your hands are getting a bit better. Your current work is beautiful but I can't wait to see your new metalwork. Thanks so much for sharing a picture of my earrings on your blog, how nice of you!

  3. Sorry to hear that your poor hands have been preventing you from creating as you would like with the psoriasis.
    Your indian metal and lampwork earings are gorgeous!
    Thank you for leaving such a kind comment on my blog!
    Yes the little plate probably was made right near you!!!
    Keep creating,

  4. oh no!!! sorry to hear about your hands ... it is something that's recurring? glad to hear it's getting better tho and you can attack the metals again. thanks for the heads up my fren. :) no solder bezel sounds pretty nice ... i dun own torch so i'm always drooling at things that can be done with a torch. so making soldered things with no solder, is good!! and ooo ... gorgeous earrings my fren!!! ... esp like the middle one :)

  5. I love "Lips Like Sugar"! And holy cow, your work is AMAZING!

  6. At bleeding last!!!!
    Of all the things you really don't need - psoriasis on your hands has got to be right up there. I'm glad they're getting better now though, as you must be itching to get on with things (if you'll pardon the pun. Actually, it's probably more sore than itchy, I guess? Oh, do shut up, Petra!)
    Just been catching up with all the blogs I've missed whilst this stupid box of mine has been sulking. I'm right there with you on that camping mallarkey! Fancy tent or not - it's still what it is.
    I'm sure I'd probably love all your daughter's musical choices, as there's nothing i like quite so much as some really dire 80's horrers!!! Saddle Up and Ride Your Pony is a case in point!!!
    I love all your new work, and looking forward to seeing what you do with your metal.
    Heal soon xxx