Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Art and Artist Inspiration

I came across this wonderful artisan Odette Picaud - www.odettepicaud.com. I love the layering of textures and the unexpected that can be found in her work.

Everything from scissors, gloves and an alsortment of found goodies.

Fashion photography is another great source of inspiration in terms of imagery, colour and story telling.

This last photo is Petrichoor via velvet moon diaries. Unfortunately I cannot find the credits for the other photos, but should you know, let me know.

Finally this blow your socks off doll from the amazing RawResin - www.rawresin.blogspot.com

P.S just put up in my shop


  1. Thanks for the Odette Picaud link.
    Interesting funky stuff. Nice layers and textures and rich colors. The glove fingers work amazingly well and... honeycomb?
    Like that scissor doll the best.

  2. Amazing creations before my eyes here. Thank you for sharing these!
    Thanks also for leaving a kind comment on my blog re my book wrap.
    Warm wishes,

  3. Thank you again dear Marcia for your kind comment left on the keepsakes. Yes they are just perfect to be held in the hands of those in need!
    Have a great Sunday,
    x Suzy

  4. Gorgeous pictures - what wonderful pieces - including your own bit of lovely.