Sunday, 17 June 2012

Graduation Show

Firstly I have done a submission for the 6th Bead Soup Party and under my profile is a button that you can click to find out more. Also for the very first time on my blog- this button works and takes you to the right place!

The Big News
I went to my daughter, Heather's graduation show, where she was showing her fabulous products that she had designed. She did all her graphics and also animated her work.

Here's me,shamelessly basking in the reflective glory

Just hugely proud of what she's achieved and fingers crossed she will get a fabulous job- and keep mummy in the manner she wants to be accustomed to!
It was also my youngest daughter, Fern's birthday, 10 years old! My god I'm feeling old, time races away before you even realise.
The degree show is running at Stoke University for the next 2 weeks and as well as the product designers, there are ceramics, textiles, photography. graphics and media. Plus jewellery.
This is the work of Amy Jayne Mace, a contemporary metalsmith

She uses tarnished brass, charred paper and leather to create this lovely detailing and it was lovely to chat to her at the show.
So if your in the UK and near to Stoke on Trent, I can highly recommend seeing the amazing work on display.


  1. OOOO!!! what a proud mommy! i would be too you know :) been to stoke on trent once when i was in Manchester. my fren ... you look frickin gorgeous, do you know that!!

    the jewelry pieces, esp the last one, is pretty awesome. tarnished brass, charred paper, leather? right up my alley :)

  2. Degree show looks really interesting - must be great to meet other artists. Congratulations to your daughter.

  3. congratulations to heather, and the happiest of birthdays to fern! you must be so proud of them!

  4. hi there
    overnight you passed by my blog
    and kindly pushednthe followers button
    so here i am at yours liking what i see
    {compliment returned}
    i am 47 and on the cusp of change too
    aging parents etc difficult issues to deal with
    enjoyed your ima\ges and moreso your words
    see you again soon linda x ... ***

    {ps if you liked talent trawl please spread the word
    i hope this blog to be an interactive livel affair
    championing the creativity of others cheers...}

  5. You must be bursting with pride!
    Bah, old, schmold - what does it matter when you continue to look like a goddess!!
    That jewellery is something else!


  6. Great shot of you and you and your daughter (s) every reason to feel proud!
    The degree show looks really great. A bit far for me to attend in Aussie.
    Thank you Marcia for coming and commenting on my new look blog! So sweet!
    Did you create your own blog?
    Take care,