Friday, 29 June 2012

Yummy Bead Soup

I'm thrilled to be accepted for Bead Soup and I can reveal that my partner will be the Amazing Lori Anderson, who came up with this splendid idea, and wrote a book about it and has several fantastic blogs! Yes I will gush shamelessly. So firstly let me pop up the following links, whilst I can still remember how to do it...

Now let me explain a little, you just swap beads, clasps and a pendant with you partner and show off what you have created on the reveal day! Easy...but I'm a bit scared cos it's Lori and she makes amazing stuff and most of you know that sometimes, ( okay maybe more than sometimes, ) I have had the odd lapse of taste. Skulls and shells anyone. Oh and I have been known to send out bags of crap..
Then there is my cat problem

I eez not sharing beads!

And I don't like soup.

It is difficult trying to think about what another jewellery creator would like, what their tastes are and what you think they would like to try out style wise. So fingers crossed.
I'm in the process of emptying out my craft room because my daughter is coming home and I need to stash a huge amount of stuff into my already packed bedroom. Note to self...Stop hoarding..
I keep getting distracted and making things instead of packing away, here's some work in progress

These will be earrings will layered shell discs.

Rose quartz and pearl, just need ear wires.

Matt agate- just need to blacken my wire and argue with myself about whether to use hemp cord or leather..
Better get back on task and continue with re-homing my stash.


  1. Yeah, I think I might get all self conscious about what I'm sending too.
    meanwhile Your works in progress have promise. I like that..arguing with yourself...I understand.

  2. good luck stashing and moving things around! i found a folding screen that is going to hide some of my mess... screen was at a thrift shop... when i walked in, the lady behind the counter offered me a pull in a jar of coupons... i pulled 50% off furniture, so i went directly over and there was my screen... had been looking for one a long time... i am going to sand it a little so it doesn't look so "good..." lol.. hope things are going well for you!

  3. I absolutely cannot WAIT to see what you send, and it can be anything! And I not only have a two-cat problem, but a kidlet problem -- he sees beads and sneaks them into his room! :-)

  4. Oooh, I think you'd be a brilliant partner for the bead soup thing. I'm with shelley's comment - a screen (or worse case a big blanket) is your friend when it comes to hiding one's mess.

  5. Well if you send just anything like the work you display here on your blog - you need not feel the slightest self consciousness - you create such beautiful work really!
    Thanks for your kind comment re my first attempt at jewellry!

  6. I got my soup today and I am THRILLED! It will absolutely challenge me which is EXACTLY what I wanted. And I loved your description of what you were going for when you put it together! Thank you ... and let me know what soup I sent you because I don't know who got what!

  7. I have to agree - you work in progess is delightful! Which reveal date do you have? Have fun!

  8. I have the same cat problem...he thinks I buy all these beads for him. I am actually missing one earring from a cute pair I made months ago. I have not found his hiding place yet but one of these days...