Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Olympic Ceremony

Well there were doubters, including me, I personally loved the Sydney Opening Ceremony in 2000, but I was floored. Bright, bold, rock and roll and touching- acknowledging those who have died in WW1 and 2 was a brave move, celebrating our free health care, so often we take it for granted, James Bond and our Queen-that was a shocker! The torch itself was fantastic, made up of  copper petals representing all 204 countries and set alight by the next generation.

If you can make the time also go and have a look at the first bead soup reveal

Finally here's a few more goodies
This first one features a little bell with crystal from

The one above has ostrich egg shell discs!!
Below is Kim from Numinosity, yellow beads, and Petra from Scorchedearth, those cute round dangles.
The Bird earring have Kim's Dangles and the last necklace has vintage 70's brass disc and reclaimed Indian Bezel and Cab.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Inspiration and dark light creations

Finally got around to finishing some new stuff and I restricted my colour palette to a dark, light combo. Strictly dark, uncluttered elements and then cream, ivory mix with a  kinda of leaness, just letting the elements work on their own.
But before I get to these, I thought I would share some new inspirational artists I've come across.
The first being Zoe Arnold based in London.

These are quirky and are rooted in the collage tradition, I love the layering of different elements, like pearls, silver, porcelain and bone.
This next artist is Chriysanthe Staikopoulou and I don't know a great deal about her other than she is based in the Uk and has studied architecture. 

I adore this grater cuff with a nutmeg ring, just delightfully witty with a bit of edge.

So this is what I've been up to.

Raw quartz, labradorite and peacock ore

Mother of pearl, coin and wrapped sari silk

Agate egg, leather and lampwork head pins by Kim of

I found a vintage Indian glass cab and bezel to finish this one.

Very simple hoops on reclaimed leather, copper, chinese coin charm and lovely ceramic and metal clay hoops from Petra of

And finally Petra and Kim together on these earrings

Look out for a sale in my shop this week and wish me luck as I start putting together my bead soup designs. The first reveal is 28th July and mine will be on 11th August.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Graduation Day

Firstly may I cordially welcome you all to my home!
My eldest daughter as now graduated and her ceremony took place in Trentham Gardens in Stoke, where it rained..all day.. Despite that we all had a great time and free cup cakes! And most importantly I am very proud of her and I hope she can secure herself a career and future success.

A little family fun

Trentham the rain..

Also in this garden is the kind of sculpture that will give kids nightmares. Except Fern, who is a lover of all things grisly! It is a very detailed depiction of the killing of Medusa by Perseus. It's huge, imposing and on a grey day it's dramatically gothic.

On the subject of dramatic check out this wonderful seed pod necklace by Pipmolly

Also hello and welcome to new friends from the beadsoup challenge and thank you for your lovely comments. My blog roll has lots of amazing blogs by incredible artists that will give you lots of inspiration, everything from patina recipes to no solder bezels and loads of advice.
I'm currently getting settled into my new space in my bedroom, it's a bit cramped but I'll manage and I've got
 soup on the simmer!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bohemian Tribal

Bohemian Tribal

Tribal Choker Warrior Victorian Tribal by 13Alternatives on Etsy
$81 -

Love my new toy, I can play at being a stylist, choosing great clothes to go with cool jewellery
 and of course I've including some of mine that I've sneeked in.
Check out my other fashion collage on polyvore, cos it's a bit of a hassel sticking it on my blog!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

A Squealicious Day!!!

A world of Joy and Wonder was posted through my door today. Firstly from Lori Anderson came my very first Bead Soup.

Real pearl and Swarovski pearl, all beautifully packed.
And there's more

Lovely hand made lampwork, pink czech glass and garnet.
One more box of gorgeousness

A stunning brass focal, steampunk toggle clasp, bead caps and brass rondells.
Thank you Lori, I will have fun with this.

The next package was from the lovely Petra, artist and squirrel trainer!!!
Petra sent me these stunners

My own name...beautiful rings, bezel in a gorgeous metallic finish and these darling dangles.

Wonderful craftwomanship and detailing.
And check this cat's paw

Plus these adorable bead caps, dangles and bone effect beads. Love them all.
Finally she popped this beauty in and it's all mine...perfect fit and the ice swirl with it's glitter effect, so love this.xx

Could my day have got any better...YES, my Time Traveler's team art swop arrived..

This stunning steampunk, watch and propeller necklace from the awesome Kim of SassySteampunk
Looking forward to wearing this baby out.
I'm beyond happy today and I hope life is treating you all well.

Forgot to add this is what I sent to Kim

And my Bead Soup reveal day is 11th August...pop it on your calendars.xx