Monday, 16 July 2012

Graduation Day

Firstly may I cordially welcome you all to my home!
My eldest daughter as now graduated and her ceremony took place in Trentham Gardens in Stoke, where it rained..all day.. Despite that we all had a great time and free cup cakes! And most importantly I am very proud of her and I hope she can secure herself a career and future success.

A little family fun

Trentham the rain..

Also in this garden is the kind of sculpture that will give kids nightmares. Except Fern, who is a lover of all things grisly! It is a very detailed depiction of the killing of Medusa by Perseus. It's huge, imposing and on a grey day it's dramatically gothic.

On the subject of dramatic check out this wonderful seed pod necklace by Pipmolly

Also hello and welcome to new friends from the beadsoup challenge and thank you for your lovely comments. My blog roll has lots of amazing blogs by incredible artists that will give you lots of inspiration, everything from patina recipes to no solder bezels and loads of advice.
I'm currently getting settled into my new space in my bedroom, it's a bit cramped but I'll manage and I've got
 soup on the simmer!


  1. Congratulations to your daughter (and proud Mum) Hope her future unfolds with joy.
    Cramped space? Adopt the 'vertical filing system'
    for all supplies.

  2. ah pipnmolly kicks butt yet once again with her outragee ous makings.

    200 ways to say rain in England...sunny spells, dry spells, some sun,....
    I used to laugh at the weather report when I lived there...

  3. Best wishes and congrats to your lovely daughter.

  4. Looks like you had a great day despite our magnificent'summer' - oh no, that was that week in April wasn't it??!
    Ah, that seed pod - I keep having to have another goggle at it. What a most wonderous thing it is!

    Petra xoxo :O)

  5. oh congratulations!!! you gotta be the proudest mommy!!! :) haizzz... you made me miss England again ...