Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Olympic Ceremony

Well there were doubters, including me, I personally loved the Sydney Opening Ceremony in 2000, but I was floored. Bright, bold, rock and roll and touching- acknowledging those who have died in WW1 and 2 was a brave move, celebrating our free health care, so often we take it for granted, James Bond and our Queen-that was a shocker! The torch itself was fantastic, made up of  copper petals representing all 204 countries and set alight by the next generation.

If you can make the time also go and have a look at the first bead soup reveal

Finally here's a few more goodies
This first one features a little bell with crystal from

The one above has ostrich egg shell discs!!
Below is Kim from Numinosity, yellow beads, and Petra from Scorchedearth, those cute round dangles.
The Bird earring have Kim's Dangles and the last necklace has vintage 70's brass disc and reclaimed Indian Bezel and Cab.


  1. I admit I'm not a follower of the Olympic Game and Ceremony... Don't shun me out ;-) I love particularly the necklaces!

  2. I missed the opening ceremony (being way too lazy to get up for it in Australia), I did predict that Mary Poppins would feature!! I have become strangely addicted to the sport though. Love the necklaces.

  3. I just love those bird earrings - so sweet! and really had such a laugh watching Mr Bean at the opening ceremonies!

  4. That second one really speaks to me! And OMG but is that Mr Bean in the first photo????

  5. Fabulous new pieces!! I love what you did with those little bitches (their official name now!), and also those gorgeous ostrich egg discs - just beautiful!
    I'm using my house move as my excuse for not having seen anything of the 'limpicks - although we did manage to see most of the closing ceremony, except for me nodding off and missing most of the concert!! Good grief!
    xoxoxo :O)