Monday, 20 August 2012

The Preciousness of life

I'm fascinated by seahorses, their divine tinyness and other worldly quality. But, I'm shocked to say their numbers are falling and I'm glad to hear about the work of Kealan Doyle and his Seahorse Trust

and the work going on  saving these precious and tiny creatures. How do these tiny magic creatures survive the cold and tumultuous seas around our UK shores.
The very first time I saw a sea horse was about 10 years ago at the Sealife Centre in Birmingham and I was truly amazed how delicate and wee they were.
How can people do this
It breaks my heart.

                                                                    More Preciousness

Snowshill Manor near the cotswolds is on my hit list to visit during the school holidays. This small manor house is packed to the gills with treasure. An eclectic one man museum of extraordinary hand crafted items from centuries past. Charles Wade lived in the smaller house across from the manor so he could display his collection and he lived simply with no kitchen or electricity until his death in 1956. He bequeathed his Manor and collection to this grateful nation.

The Preciousness of a Queen

One grand palace that I been to is Osbourne House in the Isle of White. This was queen Victoria and Albert's home and despite it's grandeur there are some incredible intimate details.
Most poignantly a tiny little plaque that records the first date and last date she slept with Prince Albert.

She continued to sleep with his portrait until her own death.
So here's to the the smallest things, because more than not they are the most precious.

Finally, I will shut up in a mo, a very big thank to all the wonderful beadsoupers and their very kind and supportive comments and good luck to everyone for the last reveal on 25th August.


  1. Thank you for posting about the Seahorse trust, those tiny creatures are so magical and very dear to me. I will be sharing this post with my daughter who loves them as well and I'm sure she will want to donate. Can't wait to hear more about Snowshill Manor what an amazing place. The details of that tiny plaque of Queen Victoria's is so sweet and and sad in a good way. xo!

  2. I don't think I've ever seen a seahorse 'live' but they are absolutely amazing little creatures. Whilst our species can be truly wonderful and compassionate, sometimes I just despair of the human race.

  3. Just happened upon your lovely blog...I had no idea this was happening with seahorses; I have always been fascinated with them, as well.
    I'm your newest follower; so nice to "meet" you!