Sunday, 30 September 2012

Jewels of the Sea

I'm back from my hols in Wales with Fern and my mates. So pull up a seat and grab a cuppa for a trip round the valleys and a preview of my up and coming work.
We stayed in a little cottage, just 15mins  walk from Black Rock Sands. It's a huge expanse of sea, sky, sand and moody mountains.

This is what strikes me most about Wales is the imposing landscape of mountains closing in around you and the changeable weather. One minute it's sunny, the next the mists roll in and the skies darken ominously.

Still we enjoyed ourselves

We went to Portmerion again, which is such a contrast, a very surreal, ice cream coloured fantasy land plonked into the broody coast of Portmadog

In the 1960's The Prisoner series was filmed here, a series that still resonates today with it's lead character fighting to preserve his independence and identity from a state seeking to control and monitor it's citizens every move. 
"I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered! My life is my own."

We also travelled in style on a steam train through the valleys, passing Snowdon and into Camarthon.

Finally we coped lucky with some sun and did a lot of serious shell collecting.

Check out my facebook for some more photos of our trip.
And here's what I'm working on with my shell and pebble booty.

Check that great bead focal from Numinosity.

The most amazing worm cast mother of pearl.

Lovely big cockle shell and smooth charcoal pebble.

Gorgeous chunk of quartz bound with cream wire and a pebble with lovely surface detail also bound to a gold plated wire frame.
So hopefully I haven't bored you too much and I hope you've also had the opportunity to have been travelling. Nothing beats a break to refresh and revive and inspire. Let me know your holiday recommendations too. x

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Off on My Travels

I shall be away on a short holiday to Wales with my mates and my mini me. So hopefully I'll be taking lots of photos, collecting shells, reading and general chillin'.

See you all soon. TTFN x

Monday, 10 September 2012

New Season New Look

A big thank you to my lovely eldest daughter Heather, for my blog re-design and for my shop banner make over. I was the client from hell, " I want something that says I'm from the UK, I want a vintage feel, a bit of a tattoo vibe, gotta have a sense of Gothic too, oh and tribal, plus spiritual and it needs to say I sell jewellery!" She did an amazing job. The script on the left hand side is buddist and she's also managed to fit my jewellery in and make some cute facebook buttons and twitter too. I'm still trying to get my head around twitter, I'll let you know how that one goes.
I'm delighted to say she has also started work in a great job and there's been lots of interest in her Orbit project, so happy to see her on her way in life. xxx

So the season are changing and there's a definite nip of Autumn in the morning air.

So I've had to do some major DIY repairs to my conservatory, lots of wood filling, preserving, re-painting and putting up new guttering. All by myself  with a bit of help from Heather and Gaz. Plus I've had to work on my mother's garden too so I've had no time to list up new stuff or make new stuff. Very frustrating!
I've just started on repairing my front porch too and then me and Fern will be taking a late, but much needed holiday.
So hopefully I will be refreshed and ready for the Autumn and Winter.

These wonderful pieces of jewellery are by Scottish artist Grainne-Morton and for me convey that change of season, with the warm tones and woodland creatures.

Keeping with the seasons, the Paralympics held their closing ceremony and it's theme was about the seasons and it featured some amazing Mad Max styled vehicles, giant mechanical fish, blazing cyclists, balloon ballerinas and a fabulous lighting effects.

So here's to the new season and there's plenty to look forward to, like Halloween, Fireworks and can I mention the Christmas word this early!
See you all soon with some new stuff.