Monday, 10 September 2012

New Season New Look

A big thank you to my lovely eldest daughter Heather, for my blog re-design and for my shop banner make over. I was the client from hell, " I want something that says I'm from the UK, I want a vintage feel, a bit of a tattoo vibe, gotta have a sense of Gothic too, oh and tribal, plus spiritual and it needs to say I sell jewellery!" She did an amazing job. The script on the left hand side is buddist and she's also managed to fit my jewellery in and make some cute facebook buttons and twitter too. I'm still trying to get my head around twitter, I'll let you know how that one goes.
I'm delighted to say she has also started work in a great job and there's been lots of interest in her Orbit project, so happy to see her on her way in life. xxx

So the season are changing and there's a definite nip of Autumn in the morning air.

So I've had to do some major DIY repairs to my conservatory, lots of wood filling, preserving, re-painting and putting up new guttering. All by myself  with a bit of help from Heather and Gaz. Plus I've had to work on my mother's garden too so I've had no time to list up new stuff or make new stuff. Very frustrating!
I've just started on repairing my front porch too and then me and Fern will be taking a late, but much needed holiday.
So hopefully I will be refreshed and ready for the Autumn and Winter.

These wonderful pieces of jewellery are by Scottish artist Grainne-Morton and for me convey that change of season, with the warm tones and woodland creatures.

Keeping with the seasons, the Paralympics held their closing ceremony and it's theme was about the seasons and it featured some amazing Mad Max styled vehicles, giant mechanical fish, blazing cyclists, balloon ballerinas and a fabulous lighting effects.

So here's to the new season and there's plenty to look forward to, like Halloween, Fireworks and can I mention the Christmas word this early!
See you all soon with some new stuff.


  1. Heather did a wonderful job on your new banner. I'm just like you--asking for lots of things and expecting it to happen. My husband runs for his life when he sees 'that look' in my eyes.

    You'll feel so much better when you get the repairs done and the garden up to snuff. Who knows, you might even be inspired by the process. Best of luck!

  2. Hey, fun new look. You really did ask for a lot didn't you? Nice job, Heather.
    Cool buttons up top and I just found your FB page. My link to my FB is a rather boring one on the side of my blog.
    yeah I'm not sure if I'll ever go the way of twitter. I think I'm scattered enough with my social networking and devices already.. what if I get hooked on that too?