Sunday, 14 October 2012

Finishing touches and Newbies

Must be something in the air, there is a twinkling of cosmic rays coming over the Atlantic from Marina of Fanciful devices who has been using multifaceted, rainbow gloriousness in her work


So I dug out (literally had to dig out from my oversized boxes of beads,) some cosmic crystal, tiny hematite stars and gold druzies that I've been wondering what to do with for ages. ....Then I went a bit mad in Petra's shop
And here are the results

I've also been finishing off some necklaces that I was working on in my last post.

I've also made a tribal bracelet  with a 1970's rattle snake skin bead and a cool bird skull ceramic head from Petra.

Also made a seaside inspired necklace with beads and curios from Petra ( I'm sounding a bit scary,stalker, fan girl now!)

Finally I made a bracelet with some giant lampwork beads

Which reminds me Lori Anderson has now got the dates for the next bead soup
If you've never done the bead soup blog party, it's great fun and I can highly recommend it.
CU Soon x


  1. Nice work. Love the colors. Petra is inspiring everyone these days with her new irresistible goodies.
    What is that holey bit of gorgeousness on the red necklace? a piece of bone? fossil?

    1. That is worm cast mother of pearl, which I found in Wales. I wished I could have found more, but I guess that's the joy and frustration of found objects.

  2. Such wonderful beautiful things! Hooray for cosmic mindedness and Petra :) I love how you are layering all these textures and colors. Everything looks luscious.

  3. every piece is very interesting.... like a spectacular painting in a gallery... organic and natural looking. the colors are so earthy. i love all of them.. great job.

  4. Wow - so busy! I really like how you're doing the wire wrap around the stones - wonderful technique! I've got to try that

  5. Oh WOW!! Look what you did!!! They look fantastic!!! Those stones with the wire are a stroke of genius. I absolutely LOVE the way you've used the bone connectors - too, too cool.
    Hey - you stalk away, Marcia!! It's great to see you've been so busy and creative - and gorgeous colours as always. Lovely eye feasting!
    xoxoxoxox :O)

  6. Hi I love your jewelry...The next to last one is very appealing!! :) Great Blog!!

    Linda :)