Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Fly By

Just a quick fly by posting..
Here's some new earrings, Drive Safely- inspired by the alsortment of religious, spiritual, gaurdian talismans that taxi drivers have in their cabs.

 Next are Druid Peepers

                                                                        The eyes are stamped on to wood discs then sealed with resin. Dangles by scorchedearthonetsy. Speaking of which..

using the same connectors as my version
See great minds think alike and all that, so take a peek at Juilette's blog to see her other wonderful creations.




  1. ScorchedEarth is connecting the world over isn't she!
    I'm liking them all. The Druid Peepers are too fun and I think the background sets them off nicely.

  2. Love the blue eyes stamped on wood with the Petra drops. Like old china shards.

  3. These are great! I love your inspiration and the unique components!

  4. Love these! Read your Profile - love that as well. Have to read more of your blog when I get a little more time.

  5. Looking lovely as always! I LOVE those eyes on the wood!!!!
    Get a load of that Kiminosity!! I'm blushing!! Gives me such a thrill seeing what you do with my blips and blops!!
    xoxoxox :O)

  6. I love your earrings. You really have a talent!

  7. Dig'n this series! The Druid Peepers and LOVE Hamsa ... been meaning to pull those into a pattern - you've inspired me!


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