Wednesday, 14 November 2012

For those who see the world different

I went to see the amazing Nightwish this week and they were brilliant.
They have a new album and interestingly have been involved in a new film

It's about a composer who has severe dementia and is lost in his childhood and how his daughter tries to reach him. I understand this sense of loss and trying to reach the loved one you are losing. Dementia makes the sufferer's world ever smaller, losing their memories of family, friends, self and disappearing into an ever shrinking place in the past. So I hope I get the chance to see this movie I believe it's important to explore this uncomfortable and scary issue.

I've been reading through as many blogs as I can and I get comfort from the thought that I am not alone. So many of you have your own health issues and Shelly on her blog faces the same challenge with her mother-in-law 
Being different from the norm and seeing the world different is especially challenging for children. The world is often a bewildering and frightening place if you don't fit in and if you do not understand what is happening around you. I'm always on the look out for resources that I can use with Fern and I am completely in love with Shaun Tan and his wonderfully illustrated and alternative children's stories.

Tales from Outer Suburbia is a collection of quirky stories about odd characters and it's intriguing and provides a way into discussing emotions, relationships and cultural differences.

The Red Tree is not so much a story as an aid to help explore a child's emotions. It's great, if like Fern your child struggles with reading and also for children who are shy and withdrawn. The illustrations need no explanation and the story is simple but full of promise and hope.

It's not all sadness, Fern brings so much joy into my life with her wit and charming ways. I try my best not to swear around her, so I tend to say Jesus Christ when I'm under stress. I get this from my Nan who used to frantically make the sign of the cross and say "Jesus, Mary and Joseph." However Fern has misheard this and she thinks I'm saying "Jesus Crisis," which is too funny! When I was driving her to school we nearly got hit by another car she yelled out "Double Jesus Crisis!" I so want that on a T.Shirt.

Lastly I have some new tings!

These feature Petra's focals

This next one has both Petra's components and Steph from
This brass collar comes from, I've then etched a design on, aged, drilled holes in and added lashings of beads and treats

Finally ,I can see some of you nodding off ; ) , more earrings

C u all soon xx



  1. My oldest sister was born breech after my mother labored for days (and made it into the books for longest labor up to that date). The military doctor did not know what he was doing, and my sister suffered brain damage. She struggled all her life, was treated horribly by her peers at school and even the teachers an faculty. People took advantage of her because she was always trying to please everyon. She was hurt often, and in ways that I don't even want to think about. That was long ago, and now she has children and grandchildren and a successful cleaning business. I'm thankful that society is becoming more and more understanding of these sorts of things, but we still have a long way to go. There were no resources for my parents back then, only to put them in an insitution--which thankfully my parents chose not to do.

    Your jewelry is fabulous!!!

  2. There's no nodding going on here. Wonderful heartwarming post.
    And your new jewels are quite gorgeous! Wow. You've obviously been inspired.

  3. I also saw Nightwish last saturday here in Finland. The show was really great and Floor, too. I didn't like the film that much though, it was very visual but maybe something was missing...
    I love the earrings (and necklace) with primitive ceramic parts, all of them.

  4. love your post and your insight. sadly, very sadly, we took my mom-in-law to an assisted living last week. we had been to the emergency department three times within three weeks with her for various dementia related incidents... the saddest part for me is that she is now 4 hours away in another state nearer to her daughter... i saw her daily for 30 years and her daughter only saw her 3-4 times a year. my heart breaks and i miss her, even though she tried me awfully bad when the dementia was getting worse. i call her every other night at the home and the first thing she says is, "when are you coming?" ahhh... the sadness of it all. i know fern brings you such joy and laughter. she is a gift. i want all your new jewelry and when i hit the lottery, i'll damn well buy it!

  5. Thank heavens for the world of blog, that it enables connection with others in the same position as you. Such a difficult thing to have to cope with, for everyone involved. Jesus Crisis! Too funny!! What fabulous illustrations in The Red Tree - that looks like a book for adults too.
    Oh my gawd - look what you did with my scratchy tings!! They look bloody marvellous!! The collar is a wonder too - I bet it looks amazing on.I hope you had fun playing with your bits (ooer missus!) - I'm definitely having fun looking at the results!!
    BIG love to you
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxox :O)

  6. What a great post. I'd like that T shirt too, please. :)

    And the earrings rock! I especially love the second from the bottom.

  7. What a great post....and btw:

    I want that T shirt too! :)

    (I thought left a comment here...weird.)