Sunday, 20 January 2013

New Tings

Many thanks for all your supportive and thoughtful comments, it was for all of us, who took part in this blog hop, an emotional but rewarding experience. The next blog up will be the  7th beadsoup and sign ups are next week. See details on the left hand side of my blog.
Here's a few pics of the making process for my locket.

I used 22 gauge copper and here you can see the front and back template I made.

I used various stamps and stazon ink for etching.

I also stamped the back of the locket and finally I applied guilders paste.

I also etched the inside and created a mini photo album on a chain.

So now onto new tings and you can see that I have fallen deeply in love with my guilder's paste.

The above ones are mother of pearl birds and rhinestone
These are very Persian looking and I love the little stone beads and the white guilder's paste applied to the gold plate
These are scrimshaw effect donut beads and I love the hint of pink.

Kim and Petra meet again in these funky danglers.

Lastly these bone white tribal earrings with handmade hooped headpins that I made and applied paste to.
That's all folks!  xx



  1. These are all wonderful! I love your Persian pair especially... everything here is gorgeous.

  2. Gorgeous earrings! I feel all swoony now....

  3. Wow, what a bunch of wonderful new tings! I can hear them tinging just looking at them. I think Petra's an my beads are magnetized as they keep finding each other in all manner of combinations back and forth across the Atlantic.
    So... thanks a lot... just what I need more supplies. it looks as if Gilder's Paste might just grab me.
    The persian ones are crazy cool and unique and the mini photo album looks like lots of your spirit went into the assembling and design of that one. There's nothing not to grab you with those long dangly drops...always a fan.
    can't remember if you got those donut bird ones from me but I can find you more at the gem show next month if you wish.
    Keep it up sistah!

  4. Lovely all round. Especially the Persian and touch of pink donuts.

  5. Such gorgeous creations! And I love every one of those long earring pairs!

    I'm going to have to get me some of that guilders paste!

  6. I can't choose a favorite. Simply can't. Stunning ornamentation! I, too, am seeking guilder's paste for fun and adventure!

  7. Hey, hey - gorgeous new tings they are too!! Thank you muchly for the lesson in locket making (such a beautiful thing)and in the use of gilder's paste - I've always wondered what that stuff did! It does very nicely - I wonder what it'd do on ceramic?......
    Thank you for another lovely bit of usage of my spikes - and rubbing up against the Numinosity again - what could be better?! Love that tribal bone pair too.
    xoxoxoxox :O)

  8. Wow! Excellent new batch! I especially like the Persian ones!