Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Playing with the Monkey Gods

Whilst trawling through ebay I came upon a neat job lot of Indian brass and pewter bits and bobs, which included 2 dented and poorly made teapots. However on closer inspection I saw 2 tiny little monkeys on the lids and I bought them. Then I stored them under the stairs and forgot about them...as you do! Sometime later whilst stalking Petra's ScorchedEarth shop I saw her stunning monkey god charms and had a light bulb moment. So I retrieved the tea pots and carefully parted the monkeys off the lids and set about making a wire frame that would keep them upright and allow me to attach the monkey charms. Here is the result

Please excuse the photos but at the moment it's dish water grey over here and it's really difficult to get enough light to shoot. Here's a closer look at these chaps.
I wire wrapped labradorite and sunstone, added a few metal charms and aged with liver of sulfur. I'm quite tempted to keep these, cos they look great on and I'm not sure I'll ever find monkeys like these again.
Whilst I was in Indonesian flow I made these drop style earrings.

I used a different aging technique here, because liver of sulfur doesn't age plated metal very well. I used black guilder's paste and turps and painted it on. After it was dry I buffed it up.

The next earrings use some amazing ceramic discs from http://www.etsy.com/shop/RaggedRobyn. Irish wax linen and Petra's drops.

Love the blue washes, just dreamy.

These next ones use some vintage bone antelope ( I think they're antelopes), vintage metal beads and ceramic drops.

 Lastly Petra's oversized beadcaps, one of my personal favourites from her shop, with dangles and czech glass fossils.

If anyone finds any monkeys (not real ones cos my cat won't have that!), let me know.

Cheers xx

Friday, 15 February 2013

Get your soup bowls ready

For this year's 7th Bead Soup Blog Hop I have been paired with the amazing Leah Curtis, a fellow Brit and tribal warrior: check out her blog
She is a polymer clay artisan has her own etsy shop

This is the soup I sent, there was I admit much nashing of teeth and wailing as I waved goodbye to a couple of beads by Numinosity ,a ScorchedEarthonEtsy pendant, an Angel Whisperer owl pendant and a craft bead ceramic feather, but I knew they're were going to eager hands and you've got to spread the love....sniff...sob..

Also I made some etched copper charms with guilder's paste ( I'll be eating this next!), button headpins, try these they're great fun to make and bead wrapped hook clasps.

But here's the best bit, this is what I got in return..

I'm nuts about the rich colours, can you see that adorable little bird, and these goldstone flowers, plus tiger eye.
Warning next photo might lead to feelings of envy....check this major cute bunny

And 18th century clay pipes, vintage lucite, mop, pendant and...lampwork from Tan Grey

So I will be busy thinking up my creations and  I will also be busy with writing a little article about a couple of my pieces for Belle Armoire Jewellery Magazine...beyond thrilled to have that opportunity. Also best wishes to Kim who is also writing up her article too.

Have a great weekend everyone x

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Earring Fest

I've had a bit of a mad creating moment and I've been feverishly churning out earrings. Just sorting through bags and tubs of beads and odds and sods and trying out different ideas. This first pair were a major pain to photograph but I love these little green elephants that I've had for ages and I added some dark green stick pearls and turquoise, plus a smidge of guilder's paste.

Next are some danglers featuring these lovely twisted drops and snake eye drops by the ever inventive Petra: to my eyes they have an Art Nouveau vibe about them.

Next I moved on to an African vibe using Kim's lampwork beads and wooden sauces covered in paste and Petra's drops.
These next ones feature a bit of stringing with Irish linen thread, vintage seed beads and these lovely copper, hand cast components.

More stringing on these and these adorable mother of pearl bird beads.

Finally these amazing tribal faces from Petra with vintage brass buttons,  yes you've guessed it guilder's past and leather strips.
  Cu Soon xx