Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Playing with the Monkey Gods

Whilst trawling through ebay I came upon a neat job lot of Indian brass and pewter bits and bobs, which included 2 dented and poorly made teapots. However on closer inspection I saw 2 tiny little monkeys on the lids and I bought them. Then I stored them under the stairs and forgot about them...as you do! Sometime later whilst stalking Petra's ScorchedEarth shop I saw her stunning monkey god charms and had a light bulb moment. So I retrieved the tea pots and carefully parted the monkeys off the lids and set about making a wire frame that would keep them upright and allow me to attach the monkey charms. Here is the result

Please excuse the photos but at the moment it's dish water grey over here and it's really difficult to get enough light to shoot. Here's a closer look at these chaps.
I wire wrapped labradorite and sunstone, added a few metal charms and aged with liver of sulfur. I'm quite tempted to keep these, cos they look great on and I'm not sure I'll ever find monkeys like these again.
Whilst I was in Indonesian flow I made these drop style earrings.

I used a different aging technique here, because liver of sulfur doesn't age plated metal very well. I used black guilder's paste and turps and painted it on. After it was dry I buffed it up.

The next earrings use some amazing ceramic discs from http://www.etsy.com/shop/RaggedRobyn. Irish wax linen and Petra's drops.

Love the blue washes, just dreamy.

These next ones use some vintage bone antelope ( I think they're antelopes), vintage metal beads and ceramic drops.

 Lastly Petra's oversized beadcaps, one of my personal favourites from her shop, with dangles and czech glass fossils.

If anyone finds any monkeys (not real ones cos my cat won't have that!), let me know.

Cheers xx


  1. Wow, stunning design, love them all. Great combination, Monkey Gods earrings are elegant and just wonderful.(El├ęgance, Allure et Prestance) Bravo :)

  2. These are simply gorgeous. Love love love the Monkey Gods earrings.

  3. Loving the monkey earrings, and the bead cap earrings. Beautiful work! xoxo

  4. keep em. they are one-of-a-kind like you said and you will surely enjoy them! all else you should share with your adoring public. ;)

  5. Wow! Look at you go. And those monkeys do rock. You better keep them. :)

    I love the blue washes....wonderful!

  6. lovely pieces my fren! the monkeys from a teapot cover ... brilliant!!

  7. Oh blimey crikey - i'd better get some more of those monkey chaps made, eh? Those earrings are sublime!! LOVE them!!!!! What a find those teapots were!!!!! I'm with Darlene and Lela - keepers, definitely!
    All these new pieces are to die for! Wow - you do such stunning work with my diddlers - I'm always thrilled and overwhelmed. THANK YOU for making me look SO damn hot!!!
    xoxoxoxoox :O) <3

  8. I love your work. I always have mixed emotions about visiting your blog. On one hand, I am amazed at your talent and the gorgeous things you make but on the other hand I am filled with feelings of inadequacy. You know - damned if you do and damned if you don't. But, alas, I will keep visiting and drooling. I think what I admire the most is how you see such possibilities in the obscure treasures of the past. Great job.

  9. These are fantastic, Marcia! Those little monkeys are something special. Don't sell them if you'll regret it! Love all your new work.

  10. great new earrings! love the variety! if you love them, keep them, enjoy them and make something else to offer your loyal fans. win-win for everybody!

  11. Beautiful pieces! I especially love the Monkeys . Surely they believe it was well worth the wait below the stairs to be so gorgeous now!

  12. Awesome batch of earrings! I agree with Janet here, if you love them , keep them, offer them to yourself as a gift!!