Wednesday, 3 April 2013

100% wholemeal and bursting with goodness

So, since last post how am I doing with the journaling and being positive and grateful?
VERY WELL indeed.... I won a spending spree in Nat's gorgeous shop
I couldn't have dreamt up a better result, so I snagged me something very similiar to these lil' pretties
To keep up with nourishing my soul I also took me and Fern to Birmingham Museum
Here's a spinx outside and 3 pigeons who seems to be pretending to be the three stoogies
And now for the inside....glorious enamel and silver work
Ivory and wood
And just look at the intricacies of the Japanese carving, this piece is about the size of 50p
I was further cheered up by these little beauties from Petra
And Leah of BeadyEyedBunny
Many, many thanks for taking the time to leave all your very kind and thoughtful comments in the previous post. I will keep up the journaling and keep my life in better balance.
Much love xx


  1. your on your way kiddo....don’t give up that smile and the’s all you got and it will get you through....2 ways to go...bummed out...or not...I read that something like 85 % of the stuff you worry about never why put yourself through it all...I just act like a happy idiot!

    OMG...the brum museum!...I have spent many a hour in there...the guards got suspicious when I started crying in that circular room with the burne Jones paintings and the that place...nice little tea room too.
    Use to shop at the antique market at the Bull that doesn’t even happen anymore... what a place talk about cool cool stuff...bought quite a bit back in the day.


  2. What inspiring pieces in the museum! Thank you for sharing. You've ordered some gorgeous beads, too. Petra's shop is so tempting!

  3. oh yeah! so happy to hear things are better with you!! keep up the good work on finding balance!

  4. what a lovely outing for you and Fern! Looks like a fantastic museum. And new goodies too!
    There's a saying that I love, though i don't know who originally said it. Hope it helps you to feel positive, when it is most difficult, as it has me...

    Pain and suffering are inevitable.
    Misery is a choice.


  5. Go and see the beautiful things around you, that's a great therapy! I love the shrimp and fish carving, awesome!

  6. Wow, I love this Museum,I never been to Birmingham a way to go there someday. My daughter and I are planning to go back to London maybe we should go to B'gham. Lovely goodies from Petra and Leah, I can't wait to see what gorgeous design you created.

  7. Oh what a nice post....I must find some time soon to spend all the time I WANT in a museum. I find it impossible to go with a group, as I just want to explore on my own & spend all the time I want. What a nice outing for you.

    I love Petra's creations too!