Sunday, 2 June 2013

Artisan Whimsey 5 x 5 tester blog

Firstly a big thank you to the amazingly talented Elaine Ray - and for generously letting us loose on her wonderful ceramic creations.
So it was  5 ceramic lovelies, 5 girls and 5 days (in my case, international post and all that!.)

I'll start with the headpins, which have the most amazing glazes and the benefit of extra long wires to play with. Here's the two sets of earrings I made.

 I had enough wire to loop twice and wrap turquoise around. Grey beads from RowanSongCrafts on etsy.

Here I made a loop at the top added heishi beads and a bit of wire wrapping. I love how the jade flowers pick out Elaine's glaze.

The necklace piece had a great number of design options to use and I love the colour. I feel that a seed beader or macrami fan would be able to create some amazing work with this piece.
I used some plaited suede and additional beads from Grubbi on etsy and a textile tassel.

The next piece was my favourite to wok with. I'm mad about the colour and how versatile it is, the opportunities are endless.

I used a brass bird, curved to fit, plaited suede and charm from HappyFishShop on etsy. I wrapped bronze wire around for extra texture!

The last piece was more challenging, again gorgeous colour and glaze,plus lots of loops. I felt that with the loops all around it might not rest well as a pendant. So I thought about creating a bag charm and using some great steampunk charms that I had.

Additional bead ScorchedEarthonetsy.
I really enjoyed this challenge and many thanks to Elaine and the Artisan Whimsey team
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  1. It's wonderful to see in the magazine what different artists can create with the same focal piece, very interesting. I love the way you've worked with these beautiful ceramic pieces, the colors and combinations !

  2. What fun and beautiful pieces you made. The purse charm was inspired, but I like all of your pieces so that I cannot pic a favorite. I think my favorite thing about your designs is the color palettes you chose for each of them.

  3. Very interesting and magical work. Congrats

  4. Wow, did you have fun or what?! A bag charm...what a great idea!

  5. Everything is so great - I like that you used the 3 hole piece "upside down". The purse charm is "charming". I think I'd most enjoy wearing the bracelet.
    Thanks again for everything! - Elaine