Saturday, 1 June 2013

History Blog Hop

Firstly thank you to our host Leah Curtis of
This hop is about selecting a period in history that you find inspiring and want to explore more.
I chose Celtic and mourning jewellery.
Mourning jewellery from the Victorian period was particularly ornate, sombre and carried high sentiment to reflect Queen Victoria's intense grief. Sometimes it was even made from the hair of a love one or at the very least would contain a lock.
The stunning skull ring is much older than the Victorian era, it dates from 1700's and is beautiful detailed and from the Birmingham museum.

My piece is a locket made from tin, fittingly an old cadbury one with blue kaynite, pink opal and African glass. I've also used a finger from scorchedearthonetsy as the locking mechanism. The brass ribbon is stamped with YOLO to reflect the sentiments of our time - you only live once.

The earrings feature fake hair and squares of garnet and rinestones.

Celtic jewellery is finely crafted and uses a lot of surface decoration and motifs such as swirls. The first piece is money which the Celts would carry around on woven linen or strips of leather.
The second shows the craftmanship achieved with the most basic of tools. They also had access to gemstons such as lapis lazuli.
The first of my pieces was inspired by Celtic money and uses a bold ceramic ring from raggedrobyn on etsy and a ring from scorchedearthonetsy and vintage leather. The earrings use the coil motif, chunky lapis lazuli and square crystal.
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  1. These are fantastic! The detail on your mourning jewellery is fantastic. I love the locket and how you used Petra's finger bead. There's a great Celtic feel to your last pieces. I have to say I love the lapis earrings!

  2. Striking work. I am another fan of the Lapis earrings :-)

  3. Wonderful! Your work is truly inspired. Beautiful job on all of your pieces and wow-what an incredible locket necklace. Love this post!

  4. GAWGEOUS!! I didn't even recognise that red ring! -And that finger, hanging off your fabulous necklace!!!! I'm so honoured to have managed to muscle in a place on that!!! Toooo ingenious a use of it as well!!!
    BRAVA!!!!!! Whoooop!
    Peeee xoxoxoxo :O)

  5. Such a wonderful Art work, so unique and elegant as always.

  6. Everything is beautiful .Every design is a'' WOW''.

  7. Gorgeous work - I love how you were able to incorporate both modern and historical sentiments.

  8. Those chunks of lapis are to die for. Love what you have done here. Very clever use of recycled tin and so much detail.

  9. I love the historic themes you've chosen and your pieces are awesome! I especially love the YOLO necklace!

  10. Brilliantly quirky designs! I think you've captured both styles perfectly!

  11. These pieces are just lovely--and I love the way that they tie into the periods you've chosen! Wonderful work! :D

  12. Best use of a ceramic finger that I've every seen, lends a surreal touch to your piece. Your pieces are great and I enjoyed your post!

  13. OOH! I love the necklace with all the rings. What a great post - love all the info too.

  14. Wow. Whilst I love how you've incorporated elements of the era into your necklace - along with some salvaged goodies - I'm afraid that those beautiful lapis earrings have stolen the show for me. They are absolutely amazing!

  15. Great work♥ there is so much to see in those beautiful beautiful details and use of colours!

  16. Fabulous pieces, I love how you took the ideas and made them your own.

  17. what what a collection, and so much history! which of course I LOVE!! I like how you've used rough cut stones - especially the lapis ... WOW