Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Dream Weaver

I dream the world will end, in fact I dream this a lot. For such a long time now, I've seen the world end in flames, flood or simply dust. Yet I don't worry.
One of my dearest friend Christine, sadly lost to me at only 34, loved dreams. She was fascinated by them and I'd arrive at her house strung out from a  job that didn't fit and a personal life that was unraveling. She had the warmest smile and the deepest eyes.."Tell me about your dreams."

She take careful notes of my dreams, paying attention to the colours, patterns, forms and out of the choatic tangle of weird imagery she would find the truth....that fear I tried so hard to keep under lock and key, the one about never being good enough, always being second best. She'd weave healing words, and sound advice into to the mess and gift me a clear road map for the journey ahead.
The end of the world dream, she told me, was not to be feared. "It is just your subconscious telling you that your are going through great change and your fears and emotions are on a big scale." Change is by it's very nature destructive and that's why it also one of the scariest roads to take. Sometimes we have to change in order to move on, sometimes change leaves us with no choice.

I dreamed of great churning floods and volcanoes belching masses of dark smoke when my father was dying. The dreams have returned and I know it is my fears for my mother and the inevitable change that I have no power over.
I've stepped back from adding to my shop for a while just to take a breather from the network running around and to just let my head rest. In that time I've read The Age of Miracles It's an amazing book about the changes in a young girl growing up in a dying earth. 

This next one is a thoughtful and gripping movie that takes you into the mind of a deeply troubled man and for me captures the quiet, still strength of his wife.


Taking Shelter is not an action packed movie, but to me it is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Micheal Shannon is a gifted actor that takes you with him through his fearful dreams and Jessica Chastian is truly believable as a mum to a deaf daughter and a wife dealing with her husband's dark thoughts.

I have still been creating, but I've been more considered in my approach and less happy accident.

This bracelet features hand made charms from 
Scorchedearthonetsy, Happyfishshop,Greybirdstudio,Rowansongcraft, Sheribeads and a house-gift from the lovely Tracy of pipnmolly. I've used blackened steel and hammered each link for texture.

This uses a lot of found pieces, a German thimble, religious medal, charms stamped and aged by me, vintage glass and the dog and fossil are from Mayahoney .

Petra drops and heart, bone scrimshaw and copper fern by me.


Bone birds, Grubbi beads and Petra dangles.

Love these vintage bird tags and amazing gold flek lapis lazuli

Last pair for now

Bone elephants, Petra monkeys and cloisonne beads.

Sweet Dreams


  1. what a beautiful post. your writing is poetic, thoughtful and thought provoking. how wonderful to have such a friendship in life, even if for a short time. 34 is far too young. but some people live a lifetime in a short amount of time. it seems your friend Christine saw well beyond her years. I am sorry to hear the dreams have returned, and likely with implications imminent. clearly, life's changes affect you deeply. be good to yourself. find time to find peace.

  2. sometimes i wonder if we were sisters in another life... the feelings and similarities in our lives. the hardest thing i have ever faced is looking at myself and finding self-worth. i find comfort knowing that i have a pal so very far away who knows my heart. thank you, my friend.

  3. I second the thoughts AntiquityTravelers expressed so very well. I hope your dreams help ease you through the changes ahead.
    Your new stuff is lovely. Especially your scrimshaw earrings !!

  4. Sympathies for the angst you're going through once again. Such an insightful and positive approach you're taking to get through this painful next chapter. It's fascinating how our minds process our experiences in our deepest sleep, isn't it?. Hoping the disquieting dreams morph into peaceful ones for you. Your new work is fabulous! Especially love the copper fern and scrimshaw combo and the lapis bird pair! Spectacular!

  5. I can only echo what everyone else has said....I hope your dreams become sweet ones very soon.

    And the work you're showing is wonderful!

  6. Oh my! Your nightmares must be difficult to carry throughout the day! Your friend had a very positive attitude about them. I admire the way you're dealing with these dreams.
    I love this new batch! Especially the scrimshaw ones! And the lapis are wonderful too!

  7. i echo what AT says as she says it so well. I can imagine what you must be going thru ... i know the feeling. it's like there's a hollow in the heart. But what Christine said is something to embrace. just remembering her words, it shows that she's here by your side and giving you courage to be strong and face the change as it comes. I believe that no one leaves anyone for good. your loved ones, they are always here ... always.
    Love the work you're doing, esp the bracelet. Release your fears and dreams into your work, let them go ... and then, transcend.