Sunday, 23 June 2013

We've come a long, long way together...

My youngest daughter turned 11 years old on monday. The start of last year she started her new middle school and after just one term her special needs coordinator and form teacher wanted her to be placed in a special school, saying she would never keep up or make friends.It was especially hurtful that this was said infront of Fern at parent's evening.
I was beyond angry and Fern was distraught. But I was very thankful to have 2 amazing teachers who believed in Fern and spoke with her special needs coordinator, who apologised to me for that incident.
Since then she has retired and Fern's form teacher has left, to be replaced by an amazing new teacher who supports Fern and a new special needs coordinator. Just 3 weeks ago Fern had to sit her sats exams and previously she would have had a melt down at the word test, let alone taking one! She didn't like doing them, but she got through. Better than that, her end of year review showed  had improved by 3 levels in all her subjects, even reading, which is so hard for her. In science she had improved by a staggering 4 levels, way over the targets set for her. With the help of her wonderful teaching assistants, the family learning group I go to with her, her own hard work she is now keeping up and has some lovely friends. At her review it was decided that a special school would be unnecessary.
She still need lots of help, but she is learning all the time and making great progress and I'm a very proud mum.
Here's a close up of the necklace, she wanted things to remind her of the sea and the seahorse is by Petra. She also had monster high dolls (they're so cool) and of course a science kit!

Also I'm slowly getting new tings into the shop and here's some newbies that will be listed soon.

Skullies with agate donuts from Tracy at pipnmolly and Petra's monkeys.

Kim of Numinosity criffles with skullies and handmade Egyptian beads.

Grey bird and Scorchedearth with labradorite nuggets

Finally I always hear this song when I think about how Fern's doing.


  1. i would love to meet you and fern one day. she is such an amazing little girl. so happy for her advancements. be proud, friend. you are doing a great job!

  2. Bravo Fern and mum too !! Good teachers make such a difference. Nice to see you back in the creative mood. Lovely.

  3. I'm so happy to hear of this outcome and progress. This isn't the first time this week that I have read in a blog about damage done to a child with special needs by their supposed teachers. I don't know how some kids make it through without good parental advocates. I guess those are the all too sad stories of kids that don't have a parent like you.

  4. Fantastic well done Fern! Its great to hear that you and Fern have good school teachers now. I was a support worker for adults with learning disabilities for years, its so great to hear people are getting the right support, encouragement and rewards that they deserve - to accomplish and achieve up to their full ability. Fabulous post, and gorgeous jewels as always ;)

  5. The right support means everything. I'm very happy for you both! And of course the earrings are great!

  6. Happy belated birthday Fern! Bravo for Fern and her proud mum! Supportive adults are so important!!! and fabulous earrings too!

  7. well done Fern!!! and Happy happy birthday sweet lady :) you're lookin smashin in the photo :)

  8. so nice to hear that with the right support and encouragement, your beautiful Fern can blossom (her happy smile is captivating) and you can relax knowing she is being treated well. Which is all reflected in your great new work!