Friday, 26 July 2013

Guess who came to stay

I had a lovely visit last week from an artist I've admired for a long time Lucie of She and her husband Loic came over to stay at a campsite just up the road from me! So we exchanged a flurry of convos and sorted out cool places to see and here's the first stop
Hillers Farm and Garden Shop
It's got gardens filled with roses and a great cafe, so we had a lovely time strolling around and chatting about their holiday plans. Boy had they chosen the right week to arrive, in the middle of a very rare heat wave.
It's great to finally meet in person, we've chatted on line  for ages and it's amazing to meet the artist behind the shop and Lucie was wearing one of her hairpins

Leaf Hair Fork hand formed brass hair stick metal hair fork organic golden large hair pin
and it looked gorgeous! 

More from Hillers
We met up again for dinner and Lucie was very polite about the bombsite that passes as my studio. It was fantastic to talk shop and also a confidence boost for me. Some of my work I'm just not that confident about and it was lovely to know that Lucie liked my creations.
It was also lucky for Loic that my eldest daughter's boyfriend and my younger brother came over and it turns out they're all Warhammer nuts! I should point out they speak immaculate English too.
I'm sure Lucie will tell you more about her visits to Hidecote and Snowshill and she also bought some great new tools from the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, so I can't wait to see what she creates with those.
We met up for the last time on Sunday for a very big car boot and Lucie bought a gorgeous tea set and very generously shared her booty of ceramic beads with me.
Here's my haul

Indian jewellery,tiny brasses, rose quartz and some strange brass pins!

 A medal, metal belt and amethyst

Wooden leaf bowl and more necklaces for re-purposing.

Lucie also brought me some gorgeous chunky bamboo beads, French jet and vintage hand blown beads.
Plus some of her beautiful tiny keys.
And some salted caramel for Fern, who scoffed those down. She was thrilled to meet them both!
And Heather sends her love too xx

All to quickly they had to sped off  to Wales and I hope they're enjoying themselves in the valleys.
Next year France!


  1. A new friendship to treasure and plenty of trinkets to treasure too. Let me know when You're next heat wave will be and I'll book my ticket!
    How great you got to meet, She looks darling.
    I can't believe you got all those goodies at one sale...unbelievable!
    This whole post made me smile....and about that chocolate oat milk (on fb) have me intrigued.

  2. What a wonderful treat! Sounds like a great time for all!

  3. How nice for you both! And look at your great fun.

  4. Ditto what everyone else said. How very nice all round !

  5. I enjoyed every minute of our meeting!!!
    You forgot to say you've worked all day (and the worst day of the heatwave) in your kitchen to treat us with a most delicious dinner, thank you for everything, Marcia.
    Looking forward seeing you in France!

  6. aw, lucky you! and i love your finds. just added you to my blog sidebar. dunno why i hadnt earlier, stupid me!