Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Wedding Blitz and new bangle designs

I'm burning the midnight oil at the moment desperately trying to keep up with blogging, promoting, making new stuff and my daughter's wedding. It may not be until next year but I'm making all the bouquets with fabric flowers, buttons and brooches. Plus the bridemaids's jewellery and all manner of favour treats and boxes and THE CAKE!!!!! 
Shelley says I'm turning into Martha Stewart...which I'd love, being paid lots of money for crafting, just could do without the criminal record.
My daughter has now started a blog plotting our progress and also providing lots of ideas for the bride who wants to be a bit different and also tutorials.
Want to know how to make these cuties
check here
We'd be thrilled if you would join us and follow our progress.
Also I've added an Alternative Bride section in my shop
It features these new goodies

And my very first Tiara

I've also got a last chance sale section with big reductions, an opportunity to grab a bargain before it disappears into the recycle box...Every little helps!

I've been having a go at a variation on the bangle stacks using big holed beads, 16 gauge copper and a integral clasp. Here's what I came up with

Love how the joy bead and Petra's dangle look together.

Guilder's paste has been applied to this one.
I will make more of these and I may well experiment with chokers too.
These little cuties will be up soon as well as these pod earrings
So it's back to the graft for me and look out for a the Bead Hoarder's blog on the 20th July!
cu soon xxx


  1. Those flowers are amazing! And I like what you're doing with the new bangles...very cool!

  2. Hello Marcia
    You are such a versatile artist really - you can turn your hand to so many different arts - just like your Etsy each piece is so different and individual!
    I would love to follow your lovely daughter's wedding blog but can only drop in from time to time. At present I have a dear friend living with us, Andrea and Partner,
    who has a Grade 4 malignant brain tumor whom I'm supporting and she dearly would love to have her Vintage Wedding here in our Garden and a group of friends with me at the helm are trying to make that happen for her in November. She is OK at present and we pray she continues on for a long time yet but we just don't know.
    Love your flowers and tiara.
    Thanks for commenting and putting the Giveaway on your sidebar. I'll cross my fingers and toes for you dear!
    Sending hugs,

  3. Marcia Stewart you say? Yes indeed! Loads of eye candy! Especially liking the wedding flowers and bangles. Yummy.