Thursday, 29 August 2013

Fly By Posting

Just a quick update on the wedding preperations.
I've completed the bridesmaids hair accessories and I will take some better shots at a later date but here's a sneak peak....

 Still loads to do....

Finally I did have time to try a "Pandora" style bracelet and I used Grubbi's beads and I love the result, the silver works really great with Nat's lovely pastel coloured beads

Back to to grindstone


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Needles and Pins plus new Tings

Redditch is a small town, but despite this it used to punch well above it's weight in  high end engineer manufacture. Redditch produced aircraft parts for Hawker Siddeley, motorbikes at Royal Enfield and BSA, and was the undisputed world leader in the production of needles. The needle industry was huge and my mother worked at Abel Morrall producing both sewing needles and surgical needles.

Me and Fern went to Forge Mill Museum to see the needle exhibits.

All that remains of this once great industry is 1 floor of a museum that is no bigger than a small house!
The politics of greed took over in the 80's, manufacture was moved abroad for quick, cheap return and this is all that's left....


Hawker Siddeley, where my dad worked and BSA where my grandparents worked, are now just foot notes in history. All that's left in our town are nail bars, coffee bars and pound shops.

People are trying to do something creative, albeit with very little support from the council and in a town where the main income comes from benefits. Craft sellers and vintage sellers are starting to appear and I hope that one day I will be able to join them. 
In the mean time here's some of my newbies

Tribal choker with Angelwhisperer focal, Scorchedearth and Happyfishshop

button and bird earrings

Coral stick from Lucietales

carved mask with Petra connector

Gemstone, wired brooch with vintage earring and milagro

Check my facebook page( button at the top of my blog) for more photos of my new jewellery pieces.
Hope you are all enjoying the summer (or winter if you're in Australia),
see you soon