Thursday, 26 September 2013

Travels to Whitby

Just getting back into the swing of things after my holiday in Whitby with my girls.

We stayed in an Edwardian terraced house, 10 minutes walk from the harbour and on our first evening we had the best fish and chips in the world! The next day we went up the 99 steps to Whitby Abbey, for  Dracula fans this is a must see.

No visit to Whitby would be complete without going to see some amazing pieces of Whitby jet

I'll put the rest of these jewellery pieces on my facebook page, because I went a bit mad and took loads!
I was also lucky enough to get some fossils on the beach and lucky to escape a small landside that missed us by yards! There is a lot of erosion by the northern coastline so you have to be very careful.

We also went walk abouts and found the beautiful Mayan spout

A pub in the middle of nowhere that looks like it's from the 1940's

And a little bit of rain!

Feel free to see the rest of the snaps on my facebook page.

I've also made these earrings from some beach finds

The driftwood drops are by Scorchedearthonetsy. I also have 2 small pieces of washed up jet which hopefully I can use.
I hope you've all been able to take holidays too, it really helps to take a rest and get reinvigorated. 

See you soon x


  1. I agree, holidays are very reinvigorating! These jet jewellery pieces are gorgeous! and that pub looks like a journey in the past. Your beach finds fit perfectly with Petra's driftwood dangles!

  2. oh lovely earrings! such a great feel to those! and I love all the jewelry photos from your visit .... upload more please :)

  3. Lovely earrings, perfect combination. I probably told this earlier, but I would love to travel more in England, much old and ancient stuff, ruins, everything :)

  4. Love that top pic & the earrings are GREAT!

  5. Looks like a wonderful spot to have a vacation! The earrings you made with your beach finds are inspired! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.