Sunday, 2 February 2014

Long Overdue!

I'm clearing the cobwebs, mildew and tumble weed off my blog and I'm am going to kick myself back into gear.
Firstly 2 important things for me, a big thank you to LuAnn of for kindly voting for me to get the stunning earrings from
That cheered me up no end. Secondly BeadSoup time is fast approaching and sign ups will be 9th February for 1 day only. Click the Beadsoup button for more details.

At the moment I'm knee deep in tulle and busy with endless crafting for my eldest daughter Heather's up coming wedding.
As you can see it will be comic book themed and I'm making bridesmaid dresses, jewellery, brooch bouquets, button holes, hair accessories and the friggin' cake. I'm some what strung out. We've already had drama with the marriage certificate...the little job's worth at the  registrar decided that because one of Heather's documents didn't have her middle name on it she would not issue the licence. Strange how Heather doesn't need her middle name to pay her taxes! So she's got to go back in again. Further drama happened with the groom's baptism certificates, but well done to the Father and Deacon at the church for sorting this out. I'm having to tread carefully...Petra, Janet and Lucie know the other problems and have kindly offered much needed therapy!
Here's a little pick at what's going on in my work room
My trusty Winfield, gifted to me from my best mate Barabara.

Fern's flower girl dress nearly finished.

And here's what's going to be gracing my hair on the day

From the lovely Lucie

I have got plenty of new beads to use once I get through the wedding preparations and these babies are waiting

Natalie Mari sells these gorgeous ceramic pieces on Dawanda. You can register through facebook and the site has English translation too.

I shall try to keep you all posted on wedding progress and I shall certainly see you all for BeadSoup.


  1. Wow Fern's dress looks incredible! silver satin as a mermaid? she'll be gorgeous!
    What the hell is that about middle names???? It sounds like Brazil crazy administration…
    The ceramic beads are certainly worth the waiting!
    Talented mother of a bride to be is certainly a full time job ;-)

  2. wow!! looks like you have A LOT to do! you're such a talented girl you! you can sew dresses too??? that's super awesome! Congrats on your baby's wedding my friend ... :) you must be so so happy :)

  3. good to see you blogging! we haven't chatted in so long. you are a jack-of-all-trades!! so talented.

  4. Catching up on blogs and just saw your post! So happy to have made your day! I love the color of the gown and ca't wait to see the photos!

  5. Catching up on blogs and just saw this! Happy to have made your day! I love the color of the gown and can't wait to see photos of the wedding!