Saturday, 8 March 2014

Red Letter Days

February has been a wonderful month for me. Firstly a big thank you to the lovely Janet of I was lucky enough to win her gorgeous necklace in her giveaway and when she sent it over they was a lovely surprise for Fern too, a beautiful necklace featuring a mum reading to her girls.

I have been blessed with sales and I'm thanking the cosmos, universe, mystical beings, heavenly creatures involved in that one. I always loved the phrase used by Irish comedian Dave Allan "Thank you and may your God go with you."
Then I get featured in the Spring edition of Belle Armoire Jewelry....I sent my pieces off over 18months ago, so ~I'd forgot about it! I'm delighted to be in most excellent company - Kim from Numinosity, Janet, Jana from the HappyFishShop and the talentedKristin Oppold.
Next it's BeadSoup time and I have been partnered with the lovely Sue  Rennie

She lives up in Lancaster and does some amazing work in silver and resin. She also casts her own components too. Me and resin are not good friends, I make such a hash of it so it will be good for me to work with someone who knows how to work with this fiendish material! S I shall be mooching through my stash this weekend and I see what I think Sue will enjoy trying out.

I'm still doing wedding stuff...I'm getting a little panicky as there is only 8 weeks left!!!! Still I snuck in a bit of me time and made these

A big thank you to everyone on my facebook for the lovely support and comments for the Belle Armoire feature and a big thank you to Lori Anderson for all her hard work that allows us to enjoy the benefits of being involved in BeadSoup.
Now back to wedding preparations....anyone now how to make a wedding cake!


  1. Congrats on the excellent article! I'm delighted that Fern likes her necklace. What a great smile! Amazing how you've squeezed making all those new earrings into your busy schedule. Do you ever sleep? Lol

  2. Kudos on the article. Well deserved.
    Janet is amazing generous. Lovely happy Fern.

  3. Beautiful girl, beautiful smile. What a great design, they are all gorgeous and sometime we deserve some thankfulness. Congratulations you deserve it.

  4. Congrats on the sales and Belle Armoire article!! That's well deserved. Bravo for winning Janet's necklace. Fern has a beautiful sweet smile. I love these new earrings!
    A wedding cake!? oh my, that's brave!

  5. How exciting - congratulations on the article! Thanks for your lovely comments about my work. Good luck with the cake!!