Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Ever Expanding Blog Post

Well not so expanding blog from me, but as I know, since I'm not the most prolific posters, it's so difficult to find the time to get involved in all these creative blog hops and to keep up with the impossible demands of social networking. I'm an old fashioned girl at heart and prefer a good old chat face to face or at least old style land line telephones. I can't be doing with all this chasing signal nonsense and tiny number keys with these new mobiles!
Anyway I digress. Firstly a big thank you to Leah Curtis for inviting me. And here are the questions and answers.

What am I working on at the moment?
A couple of skully earrings and I'm working on a specialist wedding shop for alternative brides. I'm going to be making some more hair accessories and I've invested in some lovely ceramic pretties which will be made into some fine new bridal pieces. I will also be making more bridal bouquets since that worked out really well for my daughter's wedding.

How does my work differ from others of it's genre?
I'm not sure what genre I fall into, since I'm so eclectic in my own tastes. A little tribal, a little primitive, a touch of shabby steampunk with a dose of punk rebellion. A lot of lovely folk have described my work as whimsical and I feel that there is a feel of English eccentricity. My main loves are textiles and colour. I use and abuse colour with great abandon. I take an ethical approach to the materials I use. I re-work vintage finds and I use recycled sterling silver for my ear wires, which I source from Birmingham. I use only handmade ceramics and lampwork. I strongly believe in handmade and in supporting handmade artisans.

Why do I create what I do ?
I can't imagine not making and creating. I'm at my happiest and most relaxed when I'm producing jewellery. My intention is to create original, expressive pieces that bring joy to their wearers. I enjoy the process of creating a piece from scratch and learning new skills. I like exploring design ideas and creating an elegant solution for attaching beads and components. I also make other stuff including bags, dresses and hats!
The black dress I made for my daughter's wedding and my new in law Lynda.

How does your creative process work?
I like to play with my components and I make an unholy mess spreading out beads and metal and textile scraps. I like this kind of no rules exploring and the liberation of not following a plan but just going with an organic evolving design. My previous work was within garden design and this greatly influences my work. I love the unfurling of new fern fronds and the structures of petals and leaves. The way nature layers petals and leaf shapes against barks and rocks all without written's a joy.

Well that's enough from me and on 23rd of June it will be the turn of a wonderfully gifted artisan and lovely friend , Lucie of Lucie Tales and if you've not had the chance to view her blog please do. It's full of beautiful pictures and her gorgeous work.


  1. I'm looking forward seing your new line for alternative brides, it will be awesome, I'm sure!

    Thank you so much for the invitation, I'm honored :D

  2. You'll be great with the wedding shop...looking forward to seeing it. And I love your dress for the wedding!

  3. This was a joy to read. What fun pieces, and that black dress is smashing.

  4. Delightful! Lovely to get a peak into your creative thinking. Alternative brides? Can't wait! You are a most gorgeous mother of the bride, btw.