Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Wedding Blog

Here at last are the lovely photos taken by Sassy of my daughter Heather and my now son in law Gaz's wedding. Sassy is such an amazing artist, capturing lovely emotional moments and fun times. It's a bit like having your own movie with all the stills done for you.

To begin with it was raining, but by tea time it was dry and glorious. I loved Fern's boots!

 And the tears start. It was a lovely service, warm and intimate.

 A big thank you to the Barn at Studley for allowing free reign for photos. It's such an amazing shop.

A big thank you to Petra for the wonderful Mr and Mrs Superhero cake topper.  

The cake was a massive under taking and both me and Heather were pleased it tasted great, despite it's rustic appearance.  But if we weren't so strapped for cash I would have let a proper cake maker do it! And thanks to Lynda for the lovely cup cakes.

The lads..and goodness me where did those wee superheros come from! xx

 The girls - giving it modelling 101. They looked amazing and looked out for my girls xx.

I was very pleased with how the bouquets turned out. Worth the burnt fingers and welts from hours of wire wrapping.

 I was thrilled that all the decor pieces came together and everyone enjoyed the masks and comics.

 Girls just wanna have fun.

Taking a breather.

The happy couple. Hair by my mate Micheal  
He also did mine. Hair accessories and jewellery, including the groom's me  : )

The day went wonderfully, far too quick but with so much love and laughter. The evening was suitably raucous with 2 of Hev's and Gaz's friends singing for them and lots of dancing and well earned drinks!
I ended up making 5 different hats and remaking an entirely different dress after having a melt down and hating the suit I spent weeks making! It was the right decision...the little black dress never fails. Fern did so well, but couldn't wait to get into her superhero outfit in the evening.
It was so worth the effort, it is a day that will always raise a smile and a heart filled with joy. xx


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!! All!! I love the picture of the 3 girls dancing! So elegant!
    The bride and grooms are beautiful. The bouquets and Heather's head piece are simply stunning, I'm sure your new line for Brides will be a success!

  2. Lovely photos! All your hard work certainly paid off. Well done Mum!

  3. It looks great fun! I too love the photos of the three dancing.

  4. Wow! What a lovely wedding. All of your special touches combined to make everything beautiful. Looks like a great time was had by all. Thank you for sharing this special day with us.

  5. Arrgggg, as ever - I'm late to the party - and my damn fool computer isn't let me see most of the pics - I can't see any dancing - poopy poo!!! But, oh, oh ohhhh - it looked like a wonderful day. Heather looked stunning, and just sooooo happy!!! Beautiful!
    Amazing job on the flowers - wonderful to see something different and original. In fact - a stellar job done all round, I hope you feel suitably proud!! I'm beyond thrilled that the cake topper worked - it was a huge honour. Ahhh, happy days!
    XOXO :O)

  6. I love unique weddings and adore her tattoo!